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A ‘Mysterious Lake’ Appeared In Drought Ridden Tunisian Desert Overnight.

Mysterious Lake appeared overnight

A ‘mysterious lake’ has appeared in the drought-torn area of Tunisia. The Lac de Gasfa or the Gasfa Beach was discovered by shepherds in 2014 and since then hundreds of locals have been swimming and diving in the water. Researchers curious of its origin have suspicions on wether or not the quality of the water is hazardous.

Lac de Gafsa
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Tunisia happens to be the 5th largest exporter of phosphate in the world and the home of one the largest phosphate mines. Local public safety officials are concerned of the waters phosphate content as the region is rich in the chemical.

Gafsa beach
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Geologists believe seismic activity may have caused groundwater to rise to surface but there has been no official explanation of the lake’s origins.  Swimmers flocking to the inexplicable lake have been  praising it as a miracle, but authorities have warned them of its possible radioactivity.

Mysterious Gafsa lake
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Since its appearance the water has changed from a clear turquoise to a darker green color due to its infestation of green algae. This means that the water is still and conductive to diseases.

Mysterious lake of Tunisia
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Tunisian Lake
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Despite warnings swimmers still continue to dive in the lake, as the rocks around it are perfect for diving. Officials are looking for a better way to deter the locals. (1,2)


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