Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Plastic Surgeries Guys Have Undergone

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Picture Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Plastic Surgeries Guys Have Undergone

It’s weird when one realizes that a man has undergone plastic surgery. Most men use the gym or eat healthy for a great look. The motivation however for plastic surgery still remains- men also want to look younger. This is understandable but some of these plastic surgeries are just overboard. Why would anyone want to look like a plastic doll? These men make having a tattoo not look so bad.

1 Getting a cat look

Getting a cat look
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Most men like dogs rather than cats but Dennis Avner chose to have a cat look. He got extensive body modifications to look like a female tiger. He was famously known as Stalking Cat and held a world record for the “Most permanent transformations to look like an animal”. A Native American medicine man gave him the name Stalking Cat and told him to “follow the ways of the tiger.” He underwent 14 surgical procedures to achieve this.

2 To get a Demon look.

To get a Demon look
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For these men, having a face tattoo does not get you enough attention from the goth chicks. They have implanted subdermal horns on their head! Steve Haworth was the inventor of these horn implants. He holds the record for the “most advanced body modification artist” in the Guinness World Records.

You can have horns of any size implanted depending on the identity you want to assume. The procedure is simple and no medical training is required.

3 To get a lizard look

To get a lizard look
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Eric Sprague, famously known as The Lizard Man, is a standup comedian and sideshow actor. He tattooed his body green and got a split tongue. He then made his look a career. Smart guy but if you need to look like him, tattooing the word “FREAK” on your chest may be unnecessary!

4 To get a Ken Doll look

To get a Ken Doll look
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Justin Jedlica seems to have forgotten the Guy Code that is against being into Barbie Dolls. He has undergone over 100 surgeries to look like one. The media dubbed him “The Human Ken Doll”, a title he got after boasting of the many cosmetic procedures he has undergone.

Valeria Lukyanova, has also transformed herself into a human Barbie but the two hate the idea of being paired up and can’t agree on who has the best doll-like looks.

5 To get a Liberace look

To get a Liberace look
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This takes the record for the weirdest episode in plastic surgery history. Vegas superstar, Liberace, had plastic surgery done on his boyfriend Scott Thorson. Liberace asked a visiting doctor to reshape Scott’s face so that he could look like the younger version of the Vegas superstar. Scott agreed and got cheek and chin implants. Creepy!

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Picture Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Plastic Surgeries Guys Have Undergone
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