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10 Unbelievable Facts About Coca-Cola

8. Coca-Cola managed to hide a phallic imagery in their poster

Coca-Cola poster "Feel The Curves!!"
Coca-Cola poster “Feel The Curves!!”. Image source:

When Coca-Cola joined hands with a design firm as part of their $200,000 campaign to reintroduce the original bottle shape, an artist sneakily inserted a sexually suggestive imagery of a silhouetted woman about to take in a phallic piece of junk in her mouth. Unfortunately, the discovery was made only when the poster was up scaled and pasted on delivery trucks. By then, thousands of posters had been sent away for distribution across South Australia. The artwork with the tagline ‘Feel the Curves’ was recalled and the designer was furiously sued. (source)

9. It will probably take 9 years to try out all beverages of the Coca-Cola on a rate of 1 drink/day

Coca-Cola other brands
Image source:

Yup. Coca-Cola is all around you. The soft drink giant has a shocking portfolio of more than 3500 beverages of all assortments spanning across 500 brands and popular in 200+ countries. On an average, more than 94% of population can easily recognize the white and red logo. With a net worth greater than the combined wealth of Budweiser, Pepsi, Starbucks and Red Bull, it is of no doubt that Coca-Cola shells out more dollars on advertising compared to Microsoft and Apple. If Coca-Cola was a country, it would be the 84th largest economy in the world. (source)

10. Coca-Cola’s flavoring comes from the same plant as cocaine

coca leaves
Image source:

Historians have highly agreed that when Pemberton started his beverage, it had a significant dose of cocaine (coca leaf extracts) and caffeine (kola-nuts). These raw materials gave the name for the product replacing the’ K in Kola with a C’. A native South American plant, Coca can be chemically filtered to extract doses of cocaine. Coca-Cola withdrew cocaine after 1903. Still, there’re traces of minuscule cocaine flavoring given that Coca-Cola is the only mentioned U.S firm to be allowed to export coca leaves through the Stepan Company, a lab specializing in cocaine-free coca leaf extracts and purifying cocaine medicinally.(source)

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