Have Your Heads up in the Clouds-Under a Roof!

by Unbelievable Facts9 years ago
Picture Have Your Heads up in the Clouds-Under a Roof!
Is it too sunny out there? Well, Artist Berndnaut Smilde can help you get in between the clouds whenever you want and that too Indoors!

Berndnaut Smilde, can create clouds under a roof. He recently introduced some real aura clouds in Amsterdam, in an empty gallery like space. 

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The question is how he does that? The simple answer to it lies within our powerful science that if you regulate the temperature and control the humidity of the space, creating ideal or nearly perfect conditions, and spray a short burst from a fog machine to create a cottony cloud suspended in the middle of the space you have worked on for this splendorous view even if it lasts just for an instant.

But this dream like ambiance lasts for such a few seconds that your blink of eye can let you miss the view. However, he chooses hypnagogic spaces like gallery, empty church for setting it up.

Image Source: biscuette.com

It may seem like smoke, but it is a real cloud, on closer inspection you can see condensation on walls.

“I wanted to make a very clear image, an almost cliche and cartoon like visualization of having bad luck,” writes Smilde in his artist’s statement.

Smilde’s admirers have captured a video of his fabulous creation.

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Picture Have Your Heads up in the Clouds-Under a Roof!
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