This Is How To get High Without Using Plants Or Drugs

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Picture This Is How To get High Without Using Plants Or Drugs

Humans have enjoyed getting high since the beginning of time. From orgasm, to booze, to fasting- people love to have their consciousness altered and to get that good feeling. Alcoholics and addicts crave this more than the average person but scientists argue that this is because our brains are wired differently. Most of these big highs lead to devastating blows that make one feel worse and crave for more. Those trying to recover from these addictions however, have learned how to use natural methods without having to suffer these long term losses. Some of these natural methods include:

How To get High Without Using Plants Or Drugs
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1 Meditation

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You can get high through meditation. As you meditate for longer, one feels like they are getting high. This is almost the kind of feeling you get after smoking marijuana. It’s especially awesome if you’ve got insomnia and is very addictive. It gets better if you increase the meditation time.

The advantage of using meditation instead of Marijuana is that you have absolute control and you can stop whenever you want to. No side effects like an altered state of mind are experienced. You get this altered state of mind by taking caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc. Meditation will instead give you a bunch of health benefits. How awesome is that!

2 Ecstatic dancing 

Ecstatic dancing
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The level of consciousness you reach while dancing is dependent on the kind of music and how you dance. Endorphins are produced during dancing. If you dance consciously using a tool like hula hoops, which helps your body repeatedly intricate geometries, your body produces temporary conscious expanding moments, even though your perception state remains long term. To make this process easier, you must achieve a meditative state of mind. This puts your perception into a moldable and sensitive state. Your state of mind will create the difference between an endorphin rush (normal adrenaline) and a full temporary altered state like the one experienced on taking DMT.

For your brain to activate the pineal gland so that serotonin is synthesized to create melatonin and DMT, one has to achieve a meditative state. Start practicing yoga and you can experience this feeling.

3 Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga
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Practicing Kundalini Yoga helps you support your Divine Purpose in life- becoming an excellent human being. The practice guides you into thinking of yourself as a spiritual being that inhabits a body designed to be containing a portion of divine consciousness. It involves moving, breathing and concentrating in an exceptional specific manner that gives you the level of consciousness needed to experience your ‘Sat Nam’, your higher self and your union with the infinite.

4 Breathing consciously

Breathing consciously
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We sometimes take breathing for granted since it happens endlessly day in day out till one dies, just like we do breathing. We only notice these things accidentally sometimes like when we move into a hot environment and breathing becomes labored. Expanded awareness however, highly depends on our ability to become aware of our breath and being able to bring its pattern under our very own conscious control. Breathing controls ‘life force’ (energy) flow in our body and the Taoist and yogi’s do understand this.

Our breath is the primary source of Chi/Prana (an energy that permeates all things then collects in sentient beings in higher amounts). They also realized that most people breathe unconsciously but by being conscious of the breath and deepening it, one achieves an expanded state of consciousness. Different techniques were tried out and a series of practices was formed that enhance awareness at will.

5 Conscious love making

Conscious love making
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Love making is the most natural way of getting high. To get the most out of it though, one has to make it as loving and pure as possible. Try having intercourse that is full of a conscious love. By doing this, we allow the sexual experience to speak to not only the lower organs but to our entire body. This leads to lots of pleasure and control over the experience. To get this sense of control, intercourse must be practiced from a fullness place rather than an achievement of orgasm.

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Picture This Is How To get High Without Using Plants Or Drugs
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