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German Woman Has Lived Without Cash For 16 Years.

I don’t care too much because money can’t buy me love are lines from a famous track of The Beatles hit British single “Can’t buy me love”. Well it’s a well-known fact since time immortal that money cannot substitute for love, peace, happiness and companionship. There are numerous examples of wealthiest people who were left alone in the prime of their life, while there are others who have devoted their life to simple living and charity and found peace within themselves. One such example is of a 69 year old woman who has been living cashless since the last 16 years. 

Heidemarie Schwermer says she has never been happier and more content with life. She travels from town to town with just a suitcase, a mobile phone and a laptop. She manages by bartering and getting presents. She has revealed how she does it in a book called “The Star Money Experiment“. She says she is never short of food and doesn’t worry about bills etc . This has given her a stress free and healthy life and adds that she has not seen a doctor in 15 years. She lives in the moment and enjoys every moment of life. She even turned down the cash given by the publisher of her book and told it to be given to charity.

Her story makes us realize that money is not one of the essentials to leading a happy and wholesome life. Money cannot buy the most important experiences in life.. a mother’s hug, a friend’s advice, a fight with your sibling or affection from your lover. Thus chasing money can make us happy only till a certain extent in life but not lead us to fulfilment.


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