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Teddy Bear Killed More People Than Grizzly Bears.

You might be shocked to know that our daily life common things or activities are more likely to be dangerous than the accidents we hear about in daily news.People are much more likely to use caution when they are in a situation they perceive as being dangerous than they are when doing normal activities.

Now you must be thinking and looking for answers how could teddy bear kill more people than Grizzly Bears.

Let me show you some facts:
In the last eighty nine years, 82 Americans have been killed in bear attacks.
Teddy bears and other toys account for 22 deaths each year, and nearly 1500 injuries and Most of these deaths and injuries happen to children.

The most common teddy bear hazard is the small parts that can fall off and become choking hazards, like their glass eyes.Teddy bears are also tripping hazards.Tripping and falling can cause no harm at all or can result in death, if the child trips and falls down a flight of stairs or hits his or her head on the sharp corner of a coffee table.



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