8 Diseases You Could Have And Not Even Know It!

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Picture 8 Diseases You Could Have And Not Even Know It!

Death is an inevitable phenomenon that can strike anyone, anytime. There are millions of unknown odd diseases in the world that can bring this inevitable phenomenon. We have compiled a list of 8 unusual diseases.

These are some diseases which you could have and not know about it till it is too late!

1 Cornu Cutaneum

Cornu Cutaneum
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It is a mysterious disease. It refers to the strange horns that you sporadically grow, and you will have to get it removed with a sterile razor.

2 Mad Cow Disease 

Mad Cow Disease
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Are you sure that the meat you eat is infected? Well, no one can be as simply cooking the meat won’t sterilize it. This disease eats holes in your brains and is fatal.

3 Huntington’s disease

Huntington's disease
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It is a genetic disease which causes hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, speech impairment and involuntary limb movement. This disease does not show up until 35 or later. This deadly disease causes your brain to loosen and your body to move on its own.

4 Fish odor syndrome

Fish odor syndrome
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It is a genetic disease which makes you smell of nasty fish odor. No amount of bathing or cleaning will help you get rid of it. It becomes noticeable in the later stages of life as symptoms fluctuate with your diet.

5 Fatal familial insomnia

Fatal familial insomnia
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When this disease strikes, you’ll not only suffer from the inability to sleep at night but you’ll lose tons of weight, get panic attacks, have hallucinations and eventually die. Though this disease is genetic, one can also be infected with the mutant variant that is not genetic: sporadic fatal insomnia.

6 Pica

Image Source: mythu-news.blogspot.in

This disease makes you crave, but not for things that are actually considered food. It makes you want to eat dirt, plaster, paint chips, plastics or rock. It is the same disease depicted in The Strange Connection.

7 Exploding Head Syndrome 

Exploding Head Syndrome
Image Source: www.sleepcare.com

This is not deadly but this disease causes you to hear crazy loud noises or see flashes of light that aren’t there. One of the sufferers explained it as the noise as if head will burst open. It occurs possibly in response to stress and can develop at any point of time. It generally happens when you are about to sleep. However, this disease is not fatal.

8 Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome

Sudden Unexpected Death Syndrome
Image Source: www.gina.com

True to its name, it is a real disease which affects mostly the young men of Hmong and Laotian descent. They are absolutely healthy people, who go to bed and never wake. This disease kills them.
[source: thoughtcatalog.com]

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Picture 8 Diseases You Could Have And Not Even Know It!
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