24 Cool and Interesting Facts about ‘Star Wars’ That You Don’t Know

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Picture 24 Cool and Interesting Facts about ‘Star Wars’ That You Don’t Know

Even with the seemingly out of sequence trilogies and some disappointments, Star Wars has captured the attention of many. It is the staple for space and science fiction lovers. Traveling through space and time, the elaborate planets, worlds and cultures, and the satisfying action scenes keep us asking for more.

There are two magical times in this movie, the first is on-screen that delights us with exquisite sceneries and the second is off-screen with the cast and crew that leaves us more curious. So, here are some Star Wars facts we have gathered from IMDB and many others that we are sure you would find interesting.

1 In Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, a pair of shoe and a potato were used as asteroids while filming the asteroid scenes in which they were pursued. According to rumors, George Lucas asked for so many redoes that one of the SFX team members threw a shoe in. The potato asteroid is the third one and the shoe is the fourth as Solo gets them over an asteroid to get rid of their pursuers. 

Shoe and Potato Asteroids in Star Wars


2 According to an interview, George Lucas stated that Han Solo was originally intended to be an alien and Luke Skywalker a girl. They were eventually developed into the fabulous characters that we all so love.

Han Solo and Luke Skywalker
Image Source: www.bustle.com, www.inquisitr.com

3 Sound designer Ben Burtt developed the lightsaber sound by using a combination of 35mm movie projector and the sound caused when a microphone cable is passed by a television set.

Ben Burtt's Lightsaber Sound
Image Source: giphy

4 The character of Supreme Chancellor, and later the Emperor, Palpatine was influenced by Julius Caesar.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and Julius Caesar
Image Source: starwars.wikia.com, literature.wikia.com

5 Revenge of the Sith is the first movie from Star Wars series to be rated PG-13 by the Motion Pictures Association of America. The next being The Force Awakens.

Burnt Anakin Skywalkwer Becoming Darth Vader
Image Source: aminoapps, soyleyendacharlie

The fact that the first five movies received PG rating was because PG-13 did not exist at that time. George Lucas also stated that the movie has to be PG-13 because of the scenes in which Anakin Skywalker loses his limbs and is set afire by the lava. (source)

6 Filming the Jabba Palace sequence in Episode VI – Return of the Jedi took 10 puppeteers, 9 mime artists, 42 extras, and 18 others along with a crew of 90. The puppet took three months to build, weighed 2000 pounds and cost $500, 000.

Puppeteers of Jabba the Hut
Image Source: epicstream.com
Puppeteers of Jabba the Hutt
Image Source: gizmodo.com
Jabba the Hutt
Image Source: giphy

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Picture 24 Cool and Interesting Facts about ‘Star Wars’ That You Don’t Know
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