Vibrant Art On Excel- 73 Year Old Japanese Artist Tatsuo Horiuchi Creates Amazing Art On Excel!!

Can you think of portraying your creativity on Microsoft Excel? It seems to be a far cry, doesn’t it? But this 73 year old Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi has been extremely successful in creating beautiful landscapes on Excel. It all began before his retirement (13 years ago) when he had bought himself a copy of Ms Excel as other design oriented software from companies like Adobe did not suit his pocket. 

Image Courtesy: Tatsuo Horiuchi

Image courtesy: Tatsuo Horiuchi
Excel is not known as an image creation program. But this extremely gifted person has built various complex images using auto shapes, a tool in Excel that lets users connect and color custom shapes. And hence his work is far more impressive than those artists who use Microsoft Paint’s software for instance.

Image courtesy: Tatsuo Horiuchi
Mr. Horiuchi had entered into an Excel auto shape art contest in 2006 and had left all other contestants in awe. His art has gained international recognition and has also been featured in a number of exhibitions.

You can also download the original files from here

Hats off to such amazing creativity!

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