Meteorite Crash Through Roof Makes Man an Overnight Millionaire

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Picture Meteorite Crash Through Roof Makes Man an Overnight Millionaire

Most of you might dream of winning a huge lottery or striking it rich overnight. For most people, though, extraordinary luck and sudden wealth remain just a fantasy. But one ordinary coffin maker recently had his mundane world turned upside down in incredible ways. As the Indonesian man was going about his normal daily routine, he found a million-dollar worth of meteorite that crashed through the roof of his rural home! But how did this all occur? How has Josua’s life now been transformed? Let us find out.

The 2.2kg Meteorite Fell Right into Josua’s House

Josua was going on with his daily life when an unexpected rock crashed into his roof, making a huge noise.
Josua was going on with his daily life when an unexpected rock crashed into his roof, making a huge noise. Image Credit: Josua Hutagalung/

It was a sunny day on 01 August 2020 when Josua Hutagalung, a 37-year-old coffin maker in Kolang, North Sumatra, heard a loud thud near his home. He was occupied working on a coffin just next to his house when he felt the ground shake. Curious about the source, he went to investigate.


That’s when Josua noticed a hole in the tin roof of his house. Looking down, he saw a large rock embedded in the soil. The rock, which was still warm but a bit broken, had punched straight through the roof and embedded itself 15 centimeters into the ground. Josua realized there was no way someone could have thrown or dropped such an object from above and figured this rock could be a meteorite.

Intrigued, Josua posted photos of the rock on Facebook. The pictures received a lot of attention, so much so that many journalists visited his house to cover the story of this unusual incident!

The 4.5 Billion-Year-Old Celestial Rock Is Regarded as One of the Most Significant Meteorite Finds Ever

The meteorite is believed to have substantial monetary worth
The meteorite is believed to have substantial monetary worth. Image Credit: Josua Hutagalung/

Word quickly spread about Josua’s discovery of a strange rock in his house. Almost daily, people from the local area would stop by his home just to catch a glimpse of the stone since the story had gone viral online. Some locals were so fascinated that they offered Josua 1 billion Indonesian rupiah to purchase it. However, Josua thought the whole thing was a joke and declined to sell.


As more details started circulating rapidly, the authorities felt they needed to have it properly examined. They were concerned it may just be Internet rumors spreading. So, they arranged for experts to analyze the stone and determine its origins.

It turned out that the inclusion of meteorite material was confirmed. The experts classified it as a very rare type of carbonaceous chondrite meteorite, estimated to be around 4.5 billion years old. It was classified as CM1/2 carbonaceous chondrite, an extremely rare variety.

The news quickly spread worldwide, and meteorite expert Jared Collins started receiving great offers to buy this celestial rock, asking him to be the negotiator. So, he quickly flew out to make Josua an offer. After checking the quality of the meteorite, Jared made an offer. Being a smart negotiator, Josua didn’t accept the first bid. Eventually, they agreed on a price that would transform Josua’s life. Jared shipped the meteorite to America, where it was purchased by Dr. Jay Piatek, an avid meteorite collector.

The incredible story didn’t end there. Later that summer, three more fragments of the meteorite were found near Josua’s village. Researchers from the Lunar and Planetary Institute examined the meteorite, named “Kolang,” and determined the total weight to be 2.5 kilograms. On the inside, Kolang displayed dark grey and black coloration speckled with little light flecks.


The Man Is Believed to Have Received an Amount Equivalent to 30 Years’ Worth of His Salary

Josua with his family
Josua with his family. Image Credit: Josua Hutagalung/

While the exact dollar amount Josua received hasn’t been disclosed, it’s estimated to equal around 30 years of his salary based on the meteorite’s valued price tag.


Although the value of the meteorite was estimated to be in the millions, there is also speculation, according to a few sources, that Josua sold it to Jared for about $14,000. But Jared says both the amounts are not true, and at present, there is no existence of such a celestial rock of millions of value, and no collector will pay such a humungous amount for a meteorite. Since there has been an agreement between Josua and the buyer to keep the selling price confidential, the exact value still stays under wraps.

Nevertheless, Josua has mentioned that the money would change his life. As a father of three sons, he’s dreamed of having a daughter too. Now, thanks to the meteorite, Josua believes he can finally afford to complete his family. Beyond that, the kind-hearted man plans to give back. He wants to use some of the funds to build a church for his community.

Given the considerable media attention surrounding this event, Josua is understandably worried about the safety of his family. The perception that he has suddenly become wealthy overnight could attract individuals who might pose a threat to their security.

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Picture Meteorite Crash Through Roof Makes Man an Overnight Millionaire
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