Meet Aitana, the First Spanish AI Model and Influencer Earning up to $11,000 per Month!

by Sagar Nerala6 months ago
Picture Meet Aitana, the First Spanish AI Model and Influencer Earning up to $11,000 per Month!

Social media is a platform that allows almost everyone to market themselves and their talents. This has given birth to a new breed of Internet celebrities, a.k.a. the social media influencers. Big brands and businesses collaborate with influencers to market their products and services. However, dealing with the egos and the high prices of influencers can sometimes be a little problematic. But what if one could leverage modern technology to create an influencer customized for a brand while being extremely cost-effective? Such is the story of the first Spanish AI model, Aitana! Let’s see how an agency decided to use AI to create the next big Internet sensation.

Aitana is an alternative to human models and influencers

Aitana Lopez
The pink haired 25-year-old model Aitana is a creation from artificial intelligence. Image credit: Fit_aitana/

Dealing with influencers and models was frustrating for Rubén Cruz, founder of The Clueless, an agency that now identifies as an AI modeling agency. Their popularity, busy schedules, and personal demands made working with them a challenge on a daily basis. He and co-founder Diana Núñez wanted a way to work without dealing with other people’s egos or their ever-increasing prices. By assessing the tools available, they struck upon their grand idea: to create a virtual influencer and model using AI. With that, the first Spanish AI model, Aitana, was born!


As of January 2024, Aitana has 274,000 followers on Instagram. The handle @fit_aitana is populated with pictures of the first Spanish AI model in various locations and wearing different outfits. Her realistic features and bright pink hair are a testament to how much AI has improved over the past few years. So much so that it’s not uncommon for people to think Aitana is a real person!

While Aitana is an AI creation, her life is curated to look as believable as possible

first Spanish AI model
Aitana was created so The Clueless agency could cut out influencers and models. Image credit: Fit_aitana/

Rubén Cruz and Diana Núñez knew that just creating a beautiful model wasn’t enough to make the idea work; she needed a real personality and life that people could relate to. Aitana’s origin story states she is a 25-year-old model from Barcelona, Spain. The agency convenes weekly to decide on activities, lifestyle choices, and future destinations of the first Spanish AI model, very similar to the social media strategies used by influencers.


However, the difference is that there is no need for traveling and photoshoots. All the content comes from a team of AI and design experts who use Photoshop to create real-life scenarios for Aitana. The agency did such a good job that an unnamed famous Latin actor contacted the agency to ask Aitana out on a date!

The agency has since been contacted by various brands who desire to create a custom AI model to be the face of their business. Aitana brings in an average of €3,000 (over $3,200) every month, with her highest monthly revenue so far being €10,000 (over $10,800). This income comes from social media ads and a sports supplement brand sponsorship. Her success has prompted the agency to develop a second AI model named Maia.

The first Spanish AI model signifies the increasing influence of AI across industries

AI model
Aitana brings in an average of €3,000 (around $3,300) every month, with her highest monthly revenue so far being €10,000 (around $10,900). Image credit: Fit_aitana/

While Aitana’s role was to replace influencers and models for The Clueless agency, her creators do not see AI creations such as Aitana replacing models entirely in the future. They do agree with the vast potential Aitana possesses. With advancing technology, such as virtual reality glasses, it could be possible to build customized experiences for social media audiences using creations like Aitana.


While Aitana is the first Spanish AI model, virtual influencers are not a new concept. Miquela Sousa, known on Instagram as @lilmiquela, is one of the most popular virtual influencers on the platform. Brands are now understanding how AI can be used to create an economical custom experience for their audiences.

Artificial intelligence is creating ripples across industries, from marketing and advertising to pharmaceuticals and data analysis. Researchers are turning to AI for its speed and efficiency when tackling complex information and to speed up R&D timelines. As AI becomes more sophisticated, we are sure to see it implemented more and more in everyday life.

Just like Aitana, these AI models are also social media sensations

1 Miquela, a verified AI persona on Instagram with over 2.5 million followers

Miquela has 2.6 million followers on Instagram, making one of the most followed AI influencers on social media
Miquela is one of the most followed AI influencers on social media. Image Credit: Lilmiquela/

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Picture Meet Aitana, the First Spanish AI Model and Influencer Earning up to $11,000 per Month!
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