8 Beautiful Models You Won’t Believe Were Born Male

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Picture 8 Beautiful Models You Won’t Believe Were Born Male

For some time now, transsexual models have become common in the fashion industry. There are on magazines and runways and sometimes it’s hard to tell that they are transsexuals. Maybe you’ve had an encounter with one whom you believed to be a woman, but they were actually born male and have spent a lot of money trying to make themselves look and feel like women.

8 Beautiful Models You Won't Believe Were Born Male

These 8 women are probably more beautiful than what you would call an average pretty girl

1 Andrej Pejic

Andrej Pejic
Image Source: www.ranker.com

The famous androgynous model, Andrej Pejic, is not only gorgeous but can model for both men and women clothing. In January, 2011, he participated in both the women’s and men’s shows for the famous Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gautier. He also ranked #18 on the Models.com Top 50 male models list and in 2011, #98 on the FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women In The World”.(Source)

2 Claudia Charriez

Claudia Charriez
Image Source: www.modelmayhem.com

This one is a bit hard to believe was born a man but she is an international model. In 2008, she was kicked out of the America’s Next Top Model and the Janice Dickson Modelling Agency TV shows. She however, went on and won the America’s Next Top Transsexual model contest on Tyra Banks Show.(Source)

3 Isis King

Isis King
Image Source: www.realitytv.about.com

Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, King who was born male, states that she was born female both mentally and ‘everything else’. King was the first transgender contestant to ever appear on America’ Next Top Model and competed in two seasons of the famous show.(Source)

4 Sirapassorn Atthayakorn

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn
Image source

Sirapassorn Atthayakorn (AKA Sammy) won the Miss International Queen pageant in 2011. The competition is meant for people who have undergone surgeries to alter their sex and who are transsexual.(Source)

5 Chamila Asanka

Chamila Asanka
Image Source: www.amazinginfos.com

Chamila Asanka from Sri Lanka is an upcoming world model in the fashion industry. She also contested in the 2011 Miss International Queen Pegeant.(Source)

6 Amanda Lepore

Amanda Lepore
Image Source: www.intothegloss.com

Amanda Lepore is a fashion icon, American model and performing/recording artist. She has advertised for numerous companies like Mego Jeans, M.A.C Cosmetics and The Blonds. She has also released several singles and in 2011 released her first full length debut album known as Amanda Lepore on Peace Bisquit.(Source)

7 Roberta Close

Roberta Close
Image Source: www.tumblr.com

She was the first pre-operative transsexual model to ever pose for the Playboy Magazine, Brazilian Edition. In 1989, she underwent a gender reassignment surgery. She posed nude for ‘sexy’, a Brazilian men’s magazine and was voted ‘Most Beautiful Woman In Brazil’.(Source)

8 Nong Poy

Nong Poy
Image Source: www.blog.asiantown.net

Nong Poy, a Thai model and actress, was born male in Phuket Isand. She underwent a sex change operation at 17 and gained fame after joining and winning both the Miss Tiffany’s Universe and Miss International Queen Contest. (Source)

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Picture 8 Beautiful Models You Won’t Believe Were Born Male
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