Mexican Rapper Implants Gold Chains into his Scalp, Becomes the First to Do So

by Taruna Deshmukh1 year ago

1 Post Malone’s Diamond Fang Implants

Post Malone
Post Malone. Image credits: Angelcityjewelers/Instagram

Post Malone, an American rapper singer, implanted two 6-carat diamond fangs in his canine teeth in June 2021. The 12-carat implant has reportedly cost Malone around $ 1.6 million. The two diamond fangs are framed into natural porcelain veneers to give the rapper a multi-million dollar smile – literally!

Malone was inspired by his dentist, Dr. Connelly’s diamond embedding work, which he had done for other celebrities. So, during one of his visits, Malone asked Dr. Connelly if he could implant a tooth made of diamond instead of just diamond embedding.

It took Dr. Connelly almost one and a half years to figure out how to create a diamond tooth, followed by a couple of months to insert the implants. Connelly sourced diamonds from Belgium and got them cut in Israel.


2 Cardi B’s Iconic Piercings

Cardi B
Cardi B’s Lip Piercing. Image credits: Luis Vega/Instagram

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, who goes by the stage name of “Cardi B,” is an American rapper. The singer, who is often seen rocking unusual styles, got her lip pierced in 2019 for a mere $25. Cardi B reportedly walked into Luis Vega’s tattoo shop, City of Angels Tattoos in Los Angeles, and asked for a lip piercing. More interestingly, Lui, the owner, did not even know that Cardi B was a popular celebrity. Although Luis thought Cardi B looked familiar, he could not recognize her until Cardi B told him that she was from New York. Cardi B also got new piercings during 2020, which included a new labret lip piercing and a couple of chest piercings.


3 Renato De Santa’s Demon Smile

Renato De Santa
Renato De Santa. Image credits: Jam Press/@desanta_official via

Renato de Santa is perhaps the most bizarre-looking rapper who ripped the flesh off his cheeks in 2021 to adorn a “demon smile.” The smile being termed the “Glasgow Smile,” was created using a scalpel. Renato’s smile is inspired by Kuchisake-Onna, a Japanese legend whose mouth is split from ear to ear.

Apart from so many tattoos all over his body and face, he also has several implants under the skin. He installed these implants to get horns at different parts of the body. Renato also tattooed his eyeballs to give them a pitch-black color. He has the number “666” carved into his head, got a flesh-tunnel piercing, and also got a split tongue. All of these extreme modifications give Renato a distinctive look, which, as of today, has cost him more than $10,000.


4 Lil Wayne’s diamond teeth

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne. Image credits: DFree/Shutterstock

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., who goes by the stage name “Lil Wayne,” has been wearing grills in the past. However, in 2010, the rapper revealed that he decided to undergo dental surgery to get his permanent diamond teeth. According to Lil Wayne, his diamond teeth cost more than $150,000.

However, the rapper was given a one-year jail sentence in a gun possession case. Lil Wayne had to remove his golden implants to serve the sentence.


5 6ix9ine’s Expensive Grills

Image credits: 6ix9ine/Instagram

Daniel Hernandez, aka “6ix9ine,” is another American rapper who adorns a particularly peculiar look. He has multi-colored dreads, face tattoos, and 18-carat diamond grills! The rapper has reportedly spent over $ 45k on the implant, which he got made from the celeb jeweler, Johnny Dang, in 2018. Johnny Dang, interestingly, manufactured and delivered the grills within 24 hours of receiving the order.

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Picture Mexican Rapper Implants Gold Chains into his Scalp, Becomes the First to Do So
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