10 People Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Their Workplace

by Shweta Anand2 years ago
Picture 10 People Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Their Workplace

Our everyday lives often involve waking up in the morning and going to work. We show up at work, get our work done for the day, and then go back home. Sounds simple, right? However, for some unfortunate people, this was not the case. What should have been a mundane event in their daily lives quickly turned sinister, and they went missing. So, here are ten people who mysteriously disappeared from their workplace. 

1 Jim Donnelly 

In 2004, a man named Jim Donnelly went missing from Glenbrook steel mill in New Zealand. At the time, he was working as a scientist at the mill. On the day of his disappearance, Donnelly arrived at work, walked into his office, and then vanished without a trace. 

Jim Donnelly
Jim Donnelly with his sons at their home in Auckland (Image to the left), Glenbrook steel. Image credits: nzherald.co.NZ, treklens.com

Jim Donnelly was a scientist who worked at the Glenbrook steel mill in southwest Auckland, New Zealand. But on 21 June 2004, he mysteriously vanished from his workplace. Just like any other day, on the morning of his disappearance, Donnelly had left his home and gone to work. He had then arrived at work, parked his car, and gone into his office at the mill. However, after that, it is unclear what happened to him.

Tracey Donnelly, Jim Donnelly’s wife, strongly believes that her husband’s disappearance had something to do with the steel mill. According to her, the weeks before her husband’s disappearance were strained at home.

Donnelly even seemed troubled about something but would not share it with his wife. During the subsequent investigation, it was also revealed that Donnelly had arrived at a friend’s office to talk to him but was not allowed in for trespassing. Nearly two decades later, however, this case still remains unsolved. (Source)


2 Ahrea’l Smith 

Ahrea’l Smith was a convenience store worker who went missing from her workplace just moments after her shift ended. After closing up the store, she stepped outside to take out the trash and mysteriously disappeared. Later, the police discovered a body that matched the missing woman’s description.  

Ahrea’l Smith
Smith was last seen on surveillance footage closing up the Claraville Little Sue store in Heathsville, according to authorities. (Image to the right), Little Sue store. Image credits: Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office via foxnews.com, brandlandusa.com

In 2022, a 28-year-old woman named Ahrea’l Smith went missing from her workplace moments after her shift ended. She was a convenience store employee who worked at the Claraville Little Sue Food Store in Heathsville, Virginia.

On 12 Jan, not long after 9 p.m., she had closed up the store and stepped outside to take out the trash. The store’s surveillance camera then caught her going behind the building to the trash cans, but was then never seen since. 

Before she vanished, the camera also caught her going out to start her car and coming back inside. She was also seen briefly getting inside another car in the parking lot, but after questioning that driver, the police deemed them not a suspect.

The next morning, Smith’s car was found by a clerk, still running. The police later said that they had identified a suspect and may even have found a body that matched Smith’s description. (1, 2)


3 Suzy Lamplugh

In 1986, a real estate agent named Suzy Lamplugh went missing while she was at work. On the day of her disappearance, she was scheduled to show a client called “Mr. Kipper” around a property. She has remained missing ever since.

Suzy Lamplugh
Suzy Lamplugh was reported missing on 28 July 1986 in Fulham, London. Image credit: Lamplugh family via nationalworld.com.

On 28 July 1986, Suzy Lamplugh went missing after a meeting with a client. Lamplugh, aged 25 at the time, was a real estate agent and was last said to have gone to a meeting with a client named “Mr. Kipper.” She was meeting the mysterious client at Shorrolds Road, Fulham in London where she was scheduled to show him around a property. But after this meeting, she was never seen again. 

The police soon launched an investigation and found her car parked one and a half miles away from her scheduled meeting place with Mr. Kipper. Her keys were missing from the car, but the police found her purse inside.

They later questioned convicted serial killer John Cannan, who also happened to be known as “Kipper” in prison. Although he has denied all allegations, Cannan remains the primary suspect in this case that has yet to be solved. (1, 2) 


4 Michael Odell 

Michael Odell was a Stanford nurse who went missing in 2022 after leaving his job mid-shift. Before leaving, he informed his coworkers that he had forgotten something in his car and would return soon. He never came back, and his body was later discovered in Fremont, California. 

Michael Odell
Friends say, Michael Odell, an ICU nurse at Stanford Hospital, has been missing since Jan. 18, Entrance to Stanford Hospital’s Emergency Department. Image credits: Joshua Christopher Paredes via sfchronicle.com, CRYSTAL CHEN/Stanforddaily.com

Around 4:30 a.m on 18 January 2022, a Stanford Hospital nurse named Michael Odell abruptly left his job mid-shift. He worked as a neurological nurse in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital and had stepped outside after telling his supervisor that he had forgotten something in his car.

Although he had said he would return shortly, Odell never did and simply vanished. He was later reported missing by his roommate when he did not come home from his night shift at the hospital. 

Odell’s phone was later traced to its last known location near Dumbarton Bridge where the authorities discovered his car and had it towed. His body was recovered two days later from Fremont, California by the Alameda County Sheriff Office’s dive team. During this time, many people offered their services online to help the investigation and even set up a fund to pay for the funeral costs. (1, 2, 3)


5 Loy Evitts

During the 1970s, a legal secretary named Loy Evitts went missing while on her lunch break. Just before her disappearance, she had returned from her break and parked her car in the same spot as she had while arriving at work. However, she was never seen again and is believed to have been abducted. 

On 28 February 1977, a legal secretary named Loy Evitts went missing while at work. She had gone out in the afternoon to have a late lunch and run some errands but was not seen again.

On the day of the incident, she went out on her break, got her to watch adjusted, walked around the stores at the Country Club Plaza, and went over to a drug store to buy a cup of coffee and an umbrella. She is then said to have returned to her workplace and parked her car in the same spot as she had in the morning when she first arrived at work. 

The police later conducted an extensive investigation and interviewed about 200 people. They also found her new umbrella in the car, but she was nowhere to be seen. According to the officials, she is likely to have been abducted, but the case remains unsolved. (1, 2)

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Picture 10 People Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Their Workplace
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