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Wanted Man, Christopher Wallace, Posts His Hideout on Snapchat in a Classic Act of Stupidity

Christopher Wallace

We all perform certain acts of stupidity throughout our life. But when it comes to fearing getting locked up in jail, would you post your location on social media and make it so easy for the police to find you? A majority would say no, but there’s a man named Christopher Wallace who posted his hideout’s location on Snapchat! Read on to find out more!

For several weeks, the Somerset County police were searching for a man by the name of Christopher Wallace. Apparently, Wallace was suspected of being involved in a burglary that took place in January 2015.

Christopher Wallace
Christopher Wallace. Image Credit: Somerset County Sherrif’s Office via HuffingtonPost

Christopher Wallace, 24, was apparently involved in a burglary of cooking equipment. According to police reports, the burglary took place in January 2015 and ever since the Somerset County police have been looking for Wallace. Wallace was thought to be guilty of stealing a propane cooking stove and a cast iron wood stove from a Pierce Pond Township camp. Even after almost two months after the burglary, the police were still not able to locate Wallace.


The police had run out of luck when Wallace posted on Snapchat that he was back at home. Tipsters forwarded this information to the police, and they went to Wallace’s house to arrest him.

Christopher Wallace Snapchat
Christopher Wallace posted his whereabouts on Snapchat making it easy for the police to find him. Image for representational purposes only. Image Credit: Blogtrepreneur via Flickr

On March 22, 2015, Christopher Wallace posted on Snapchat that he was back home. He lived in Fairfield, and it did not take much time for the police to get this news. Some tipsters alerted the police of Wallace’s whereabouts and they immediately went his home to arrest him.

This is one of the rare cases when the fugitives reveal themselves to the police on their own, making the job of catching bad guys easy!

The police were unable to find him at first. But then Wallace performed a classic act of stupidity and posted on Snapchat that he was hiding from the police. He even revealed his hiding place!

Kitchen cabinet
Christopher Wallace was hiding in kitchen cabinets which he posted on Snapchat. Image for representational purposes only. Image Credit: Tomwsulcer via Wikipedia

They searched the house but Wallace was nowhere to be seen. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Wallace posted again on Snapchat right when the police were in his house. He even mentioned that he was hiding in one of the kitchen cabinets! Wallace certainly didn’t have a notion of how social media operates!

The  Somerset County Sheriff’s Department described the arrest on their Facebook page. They said: “A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet. The pair of feet just so happened to be attached to a person, and that person was Christopher Wallace. He was removed from the cabinet and placed under arrest.”

Wallace was charged with theft, burglary, and violation of his conditions of release.

The police also arrested Erika Hall who was present at Wallace’s house when the police arrived. She repeatedly denied that Wallace was inside the house. The police arrested her on accounts of hindering apprehension. 

Erika Hall
Erika Hall. Image Credit: Somerset County Sherrif’s Office via DailyMail

Before the police got their hands on Christopher Wallace, they found Erika Hall, 20, who was present at Wallace’s house. Erika repeatedly denied that Wallace was inside the house. She even told the police that she had not seen Wallace for weeks. In the description of the arrest on their Facebook page, Somerset County Sheriff’s Department took a humorous tune to explain Hall’s arrest. They said: “Hall was arrested for hindering apprehension, because…well…let’s put it this way, when the police ask you multiple times if someone is in the house, and you answer repeatedly that they are not in the house, and that you have not seen said person in “weeks,” you’re just going to get arrested. That’s how it happens.”

Believe it or not, it might have been better for Wallace to have just given himself up to the police. This way he would still have a little bit of self-respect left.
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