10 People Who Mysteriously Disappeared From Their Workplace

by Shweta Anand2 years ago

6 Trevaline Evans 

In June 1990, a 52-year-old Trevaline Evans went missing from her antique store. She had briefly left the shop after putting up a note saying she would return in two minutes. But she was never seen again and remains missing to this day. 

Trevaline Evans
Trevaline Evans (Image to the left), Antique shop in Llangollen Image credits: dailypost.co.uk, Shutterstock

Fifty-two-year-old Trevaline Evans was an antique store owner who went mysteriously missing in 1990. On 16 June of that year, Evans put up a note on her shop in Llangollen, Wales saying that she would be back in two minutes. She then left her store, bought a banana and an apple, and was seen crossing the road near Castle Street. 

The authorities believe that she had then returned to the shop because a banana skin was found in a waste bin there. However, there are no witnesses to this, and it is unclear where exactly she may have gone afterward. She had also left her handbag and jacket at the shop, along with some fruits and flowers she had intended to take home. Her last known sighting was near her home on Market Street. 

The case quickly turned into a big deal and a detailed investigation followed suit. However, even decades later, the case remains open and unsolved. (1, 2)


7 Ambrose Small

Ambrose Small was a Canadian theater magnate who mysteriously vanished from his office in 1919. He was last seen by his lawyer who had met him in his office to discuss business matters. Sadly, despite the publicity this case received, it still remains unsolved. 

Ambrose Small
Canadian theatre owner and impresario Ambrose Small, Prior to his disappearance in 1919 (Image to the left), Grand Opera House, 11 Adelaide Street West. Image credits: Toronto Star Archives via Wikimedia.org, James Salmon via Wikimedia.org

On 2 December 1919, a Canadian theater magnate named Ambrose Small disappeared without a trace. On that same day, he had closed the sale of his vast theatrical holdings to Trans-Canada Theatres Limited and received a check for a handsome amount of money. 

According to Mr. Small’s attorney, E.W.M. Flock, this sum was then immediately deposited in the bank. The lawyer was also the last to see Mr. Small in his office at around 5:30 p.m. on 2 December, where the duo had been in a meeting regarding the sale of the properties.

The next day, however, Mr. Small had simply vanished. But the case did not gain public attention until much after Mr. Small had disappeared. Some then speculated that he had been murdered while others claimed he had simply run away. However, to this day, Mr. Small’s whereabouts remain a mystery despite all the attention. (1, 2, 3)


8 Cleashindra Hall 

In May 1994, Cleashindra Hall disappeared from her after-school work at a non-profit organization run from a doctor’s home. According to her employer, Dr. Larry Amos, she had left the house at 8.30 p.m. However, she never returned home and was reported missing by her parents. 

Cleashindra Hall
An age-progressed photo of Cleashindra. Doctor’s House. Image credits: National Center for Missing and Exploited Children via nbcnews.com, arkansasonline.com

Cleashindra Hall was an 18-year-old girl who went missing from her after-school workplace on Faucett Road in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. There, she had been employed by a Dr. Larry Amos who ran a non-profit organization from his home. 

On 9 May 1994, Hall had spoken to her mother on the phone at about 8 p.m., after which her mother fell asleep. When she woke up later that night, she realized that Hall had never come home. She then called Dr. Amos who said that Hall had left his house around 8:30 p.m.

He also said that Hall had been picked up by an unknown driver, but according to her parents, no one had been scheduled to pick her up. A coworker said that Hall had claimed she would be walking home that night. In 2011, based on new evidence, the police executed a search warrant at Dr. Amos’ house, but it turned up nothing. (1, 2) 


9 Lee Sheppard 

Lee Sheppard was last seen in 2003, during a night shift at the metal recycling plant he worked for. Years later, new evidence suggested that he may have been accidentally crushed inside some machinery. However, his body has never been found.

Lee Sheppard
Lee Sheppard, Work Place. Image credit: Ken Towner via dailymail.co.uk

Lee Sheppard was a 26-year-old man who worked as a supervisor at the EMR recycling plant in North London. On 30 January 2003, he was last seen by a colleague named Dmytro Oliferenko during a night shift but has been missing ever since.

For years, the case remained unsolved, and the police speculated that Sheppard had run away or had been a victim of foul play. However, a private investigator hired by Sheppard’s family uncovered new evidence in the case and changed its course. According to this evidence, Sheppard had likely been killed inside one of the refrigerator-crushing machines at the plant. 

On the night of Sheppard’s disappearance, the machine was reported to be malfunctioning. As a result, Sheppard may have stepped inside it to check and then been knocked unconscious by the faulty degasser. Later, the machine may have crushed him inside it, leading to his disappearance. However, neither Sheppard’s body nor any DNA evidence was ever recovered from the plant. (1, 2)


10 Susan Taraskiewicz 

A 27-year-old Susan Taraskiewicz was working as a Northwest Airlines supervisor at Logan Airport when she went missing. She was last seen heading out to get sandwiches for her colleagues but never returned. Her body was discovered two days later, but the case still remains unsolved. 

Susan Taraskiewicz
Susan Taraskiewicz, Northwest Airlines. Image credits: Massachusetts State Police via nbcnews.com, Shutterstock

Susan Taraskiewicz was last seen alive on 12 September 1992 during her shift at Logan Airport, where she worked as a supervisor for Northwest Airlines. On that day, she had stepped out to buy some sandwiches for her colleagues but never returned. Two days later, her vehicle was found parked at a local automobile repair shop and her badly beaten body was found in its trunk. Her body also had stab wounds on it. 

Not long after her death, many of Taraskiewicz’s colleagues were implicated in a credit-card scam that the police believe was related to her death. According to her family, the 27-year-old woman had also been facing harassment at her workplace for a while before her disappearance.

In the last few years, the case has received renewed interest and support from the authorities. Taraskiewicz’s employer, Northwest Airlines (now Delta Airlines), also continues to offer a reward for any new evidence. However, the case remains unsolved even today. (1, 2)

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