10 Criminals Caught Due to Sheer Stupidity. Part 2

by Binupriya Tomy3 years ago
Picture 10 Criminals Caught Due to Sheer Stupidity. Part 2

The crime stories we always come across leave most of us in awe because of how cleverly human minds were at work to achieve the perfect execution of a plan. Many movies and literature have also been written on this topic that highly glorifies breaking the laws. But there are also incidents that were not as well-planned that have become the ultimate blunder. These have made news because of stupid criminals. Here are 10 criminals who got caught due to their stupidity. 

1 Albert Bailey, a 27-year-old, and a friend who was a juvenile attempted a bank robbery in March 2010 by calling the bank ahead demanding $100,000 to be made up in large bills. During the call, the teller was handed a note from his accomplice. The bank initiated a lockdown and the stupid criminals were arrested immediately. 

Albert Bailey
Albert Bailey. Image credit: Fairfield police department via cnn.com

Two would-be robbers phoned in before pulling off a heist at a People’s Bank in Fairfield, Connecticut. The robber called in advance to the branch and demanded the money be ready. He also mentioned there would be a “bloodbath” if his demands were not met. 

The employee who received the call hung up immediately and called 911. The bank went under lockdown, and one of the caller’s accomplices was already inside the bank. The accomplice handed over a note to the teller while the employee was on a call with the police. 

The police arrested both of them without much of an incident. One was a juvenile and the other a 27-year-old. Both were charged with first-degree robbery and threatening bodily harm. The police officers reported that they had a good laugh on the calling-ahead aspect of the robbery. (Source)


2 Two men were caught while napping after a crime spree of robbing $200,000. The suspects, aged 29 and 33, were found passed out behind the wheel in two different locations with stolen vehicles and goods.

Stolen Vehicles and Goods
Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Shutterstock

Both of them were from Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada, and they worked together breaking into several businesses from Grand Prairie to Dawson Creek. A Dawson Creek spokesperson said to the media that they were not the world’s brightest criminals after they were found passed out behind the wheel with the stolen goods. 

These stupid criminals allegedly stole a pickup valued at around $60,000 in Grand Prairie. They then started stealing money from laundromat machines. Dawson Creek RCMP was alerted that the thieves were headed in their direction. 

The police suspect that they broke into almost 15 vehicles, smashed windows, and grabbed whatever they could grab. After both of them were found, the stolen $200,000 worth of property was also recovered. There were over 160 items. The police reported that the entire vehicle was full of stolen goods leaving space only for the driver. (Source)


3 A robber accidentally handed over a gun instead of a bag to the teller during the robbery and gets himself in trouble. The thief was raiding the Halifax Bank in Cheapside, City of London. 

Halifax Bank
Halifax Bank. Image credit: Shutterstock

In January 2012, Halifax Bank was raided by a thief who demanded 70,000 euros in cash from a bank worker. After making these demands, the stupid criminal, who was wearing a flat cap and shades, handed over his gun instead of the bag to the teller. 

The bank employee froze when the gun was offered to him, he grabbed it and made a run to ensure the security shutters would come down and trap the thief. The alarm was raised immediately, but the thief escaped in one of the bank employees’ vehicles.

The bank put up a reward of 25,000 euros for more information on the robbery. The guess is that he panicked and he was inexperienced to make such a mistake. (Source)


4 Ruben Zarate, an 18-year-old, was shot and wounded by the police for robbery. The suspect came to a muffler shop armed and asked for the money in the safe. After employees told him only the owner knows the combination, he left his phone number with the employees to call him so he could come back later when the owner is back. 

The safe
Image credit: Shutterstock

In this bizarre case, the suspect left two phone numbers with the store on March 26, 2008, in a northwest side muffler shop in Chicago. The employees said a masked man with a revolver came around by 8 a.m. demanding money but was told that the boss was not available to open the safe. 

The stupid criminal brain of the teen thought it will be a good idea to leave his phone number. He threatened to shoot the employees if they didn’t do as asked by the robber. They called Chicago police and informed them about the incident. Officers in plainclothes came over to the store and then called the number. 

The man returned around noon wearing the same mask and black clothing. When the teen tried to pull a gun out of his sweatshirt, one of the officers opened fire. He was treated for a wound, which was reported to be not life-threatening. (Source)


5 A Boston robber, Zachary Tentoni, was caught after accidentally leaving a birth certificate and note from his mom at the crime scene. He was charged for snatching a woman’s wallet and booked for unarmed robbery. 

Zachary Tentoni
Zachary Tentoni. Image credit: Massachusetts State District Attorney via abcnews.go.com

The alleged robbery victim said she was walking through the schoolyard in the Field Corner train station in Dorchester when the robber approached her from behind. Her bag contained her ID and $40 in cash. In the process of grabbing her bag, the stupid criminal dropped two bags himself that had clothes and a pair of sneakers. 

On the top of one of the bags were a letter that Tentoni’s mother had written to him and his birth certificate. Police were able to find the man matching the description within hours. He was found just a block away.

Upon finding him, he lied to the police that his name is John Foisy and kept confirming the certificate wasn’t his. He was fined $10,000 in cash and bail was set at $500. (Source)

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Picture 10 Criminals Caught Due to Sheer Stupidity. Part 2
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