10 Criminals Caught Due to Mere Stupidity

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6 Tony Van who was facing charges for stealing a Porsche drove a stolen SUV to hear his verdict and got himself booked on new charges. He was charged again for animal cruelty because the SUV he came to the court in had puppies that did not belong to him. 

Dog found in stolen SUV
Dog found in stolen SUV(on the left), Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Gillian Hersh/Marin Humane Society via sfgate.com, Pixabay

Tony Van is a 37-year-old hairstylist who was charged in 2008 for possessing a cherry-red Porsche Carrera worth $125,000, which belonged to a San Anselmo resident. A parallel drama unfolded when he arrived for the hearing in a stolen SUV. 

To add to the drama, a bunch of stolen puppies escaped from an SUV to escape from the sun. It was found that these Yorkshire terrier-Maltese hybrids did not belong to him either. He was charged with animal cruelty and the puppies were taken to the Humane Society Shelter. 

The SUV also had a laptop computer. Van got new charges added to the already stolen Porsche charges. He was charged for possessing a stolen car, a computer, and animal cruelty. His bail was raised to $250,000 from $10,000. (Source)


7 R. C. Gaitlin was arrested for an armed robbery that happened in 1986 when he asked police to show him how their squad car computer works. In 1988, patrol officers were showing how their new squad car equipment works to children in Detroit when Gaitlin’s curiosity got him in trouble. 

Squad car equipment
Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: Shutterstock

He was taken into custody when the police realized that he was wanted for an armed robbery that happened in 1986 in St. Louis. The officers were giving a demonstration of the squad car computer when Gaitlin walked up to them and asked for a demo. 

They did a check of his driver’s license, and it revealed that he was a fugitive. A piece of identification was needed to show the demo, and that led to his arrest for a cold case that happened two years ago. He was wanted by St. Louis police. He faced robbery charges, as reported by the  Detroit policemen’s computer. (Source)


8 A man tried to pull off a gun store robbery with a baseball bat. The suspect ended up taking orders from the store manager who kept him at gunpoint until police arrived. The Portland authorities reported that he was so under-armed and ended up on the ground. 

Derrick Mosley
Derrick Mosley. Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

The robber, Derrick Mosley, proceeded to smash the glass at the display case at Discount Gun Sales and took a handgun from the display to step up his weaponry. The weapon store manager drew his handgun and ordered the suspect to drop his bat, his gun, and the nine-inch knife that he carried. 

Washington County officers responded to the call from the store and found the suspect on the floor when they arrived at the scene. The suspect was taking orders from the store manager once he realized that his plan was not working out as expected. 

He ended up being held in the Washington County, Oregon jail with $250,000 set as bond. He was charged with first-degree robbery along with charges for unlawful possession of a firearm. (Source)


9 A US fugitive sent the police his selfie after he found out his mugshot looked terrible. Donald Pugh was suspected of vandalism and arson. He has not been responding to the summons. He is a person of interest for the Lima, Ohio police department. 

Donald Pugh
Donald Pugh (on the left), Image to the right is used for representational purposes only. Image credit: limaohio.com, flickriver.com

Donald “Chip” Pugh found his mugshot so unflattering that he sent a selfie of himself to the police department of Lima. He wrote: “Here is a better photo; that one is terrible.” Police immediately posted the picture on their Facebook page and asked to help locate Pugh. 

The police wrote in the post that this was the photo sent to them by Mr. Pugh himself. The department also thanked him for being helpful and asked him to help them by coming and speaking about the charges against him. He was wanted for several cases and he had a warrant for his failure to appear in court as directed in the summons. 

Mr. Pugh immediately gained media attention and went on air with an Ohio radio station saying the police department did him wrong by posting the mugshot all over, and that was the reason why he sent the selfie. (Source)


10 A burglar was caught after he took off his disguise and looked straight into the CCTV camera. He had a carrier bag for a disguise. The poor handling of his disguise made him end up in jail for 16 months. 

Christopher Badman
Christopher Badman. Image credit: walesonline.co.uk

In November 2015, the burglar was caught on the camera removing his disguise and looking straight at the camera. Christopher Badman from Bridgend put a bag on his head and entered the Marine Hotel in Porthcawl, Wales during their Elvis festival. 

The burglary took place on 27 September when the town was hosting their biggest annual event where Elvis impersonators flock to the place from all around the world to this seaside resort. Badman admitted to the burglary at Cardiff Crown court. 

The detective on the case said to the media that the burglar was walking through corridors, and he ensured that he avoided all the other cameras.

Then for some reason, he decided to take the disguise off and looked straight at the camera, which was only a few feet away, and his cover was blown. He was caught and ordered to pay 900 euros and 100 euros as a surcharge. (Source)

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