10 Crimes that Were Solved in Unexpected Ways

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Picture 10 Crimes that Were Solved in Unexpected Ways

Most of the perfect crimes are not so perfect. Even the most perfect and foolproof crimes are solved by quirky mistakes. With the development of science and technology, crimes that seem carefully planned and perfect get exposed. It requires a bit of luck and a whole lot of planning to make a foolproof crime, but many crimes get solved in ways no one expected. If not today, the crime will get solved shortly because of a silly mistake or in a whole new and unexpected way. Let’s study the most perfect 10 crimes that were solved in unexpected ways.

1 In 1667, a doctor named Jean-Baptiste Denys allegedly performed animal-to-human blood transfusion. He treated a man named Antoine Mauroy with calf’s blood, but Mauroy died and Denys was arrested for his murder. Later it was revealed Mauroy’s wife was the real killer who poisoned him working with Deny’s rivals.

Jean Baptiste Denis
Jean Baptiste Denys (Image to the left), Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credits: bp.blogspot via Wikimedia, Shutterstock

A young doctor named Jean-Baptiste Denys was the first doctor in history to perform a human blood transfusion in 1667. He was the personal physician of France’s Louis XIV. Denys injected lamb blood into a 15-year-old boy who was suffering from fever, and the boy recovered.

His second transfusion also succeeded, but the third and fourth transfusion turned out badly. Denys’s fourth patient, Antoine Mauroy, was infused with calf’s blood, and he died during the transfusion. Mauroy’s wife accused Denys of murder, and he was arrested and charged with murder.

Wait, this story involves a twist. Mauroy didn’t die because of transfusion; he was poisoned. His wife, Perrine, poisoned him with draughts of arsenic. She allied with the rivals of Denys in the scientific and medical field who worked on a mission to discredit Denys’s work.

Killers knew if anyone dies from the Denys controversial human blood transfusion experiment, then he will get blamed. Later, Denys got cleared from the murder charge but his interest in human blood transfusion remained intact. Unfortunately, he had to retire from the medical business and was never able to practice again. (1, 2)


2 In April 2005, a woman named Janet Abaroa was found stabbed while sleeping next to her baby. Her husband, Raven Abaroa, stated when he left home his wife was watching TV, but after her death, her contact lenses were nowhere to be found. Later, her lenses were retrieved from her body which revealed she died before Raven left the house. Raven pleaded guilty in 2014 for manslaughter.

Abaroa family. Image credit: dailymail

Twenty-six-year-old Janet Abaroa was stabbed to death in April 2005 while her young child was sleeping next to her. Her husband, Raven Abaroa, left to play soccer when Janet was watching TV and preparing for bed. When he returned home, he found Janet’s body on her bed.

The investigation began, and Janet’s case was handled by Charles Sole. Her friends and family were questioned who said she always took her contact lenses off before going to bed. When Sole looked for her lenses, they were nowhere to be found. The case went cold after five years of fruitless investigation.

After five years, Charles Sole contacted an ophthalmologist to ask if it is possible to identify the contact lenses from the body which had been buried for five years. The ophthalmologist replied that the lenses would have been fragmented, but it was worth a shot.

When the lenses were retrieved from Janet’s body, it was confirmed that she didn’t remove lenses before going to bed. This meant she died before Raven left the house. In 2014, Raven Abaroa pleaded guilty to manslaughter. (1, 2)


3 In 1978, a journalist named Georgi Markov was struck by an object on his right thigh. He developed pimple-like red swelling on his thigh and died several days later after feeling inexplicably ill. Later, it was confirmed that the Bulgarian government allied with a Soviet organization to assassinate Markov.

Georgi Markov
Georgi Markov (Image to the left), Right Image is used for representational purposes only. Image credits: dailymail, reddit

On September 11, 1978, a journalist and novelist named Georgi Markov died at age 49 in London. On September 7, 1978, when Markov was waiting for the bus on Waterloo Bridge to go to work he felt a sharp pain at the back of his right thigh.

When he turned around to see, a man was picking up his umbrella and heard him saying “sorry” in a foreign accent. Markov noticed a small pimple-like red swelling in his thigh which he even showed to his colleagues. He developed the fever that night and after four days of agony, he died.

In an autopsy, it was revealed that Markov was murdered with a poison called “ricin.” It is much more lethal than cobra venom. A tiny pellet that contained ricin was found in his right thigh. It was injected through a parasol which proved to be a lethal killing machine with a poisonous tip.

Years passed, but the killer couldn’t be found. Later, two agents confirmed that the Bulgarian government allied with a Soviet organization to assassinate Markov. The umbrella was specially designed to kill him. (1, 2)


4 From 1978, an anonymous killer, the “Unabomber,” delivered a series of increasingly sophisticated bombs over 17 years. He killed three Americans and injured dozens. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, wrote a manifesto in 1995 and wanted it to be published by US media outlets. Eventually, when Ted’s brother read the manifesto, he identified his brother’s writing and turned him in.

Image credit: expansion.mx

From 1978, an anonymous killer famously named the “Unabomber” had been building untraceable bombs and delivering the bombs to random places. Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, used to leave fake clues to trick the authorities and remained untraced.

He had been doing this for 17 years until his brother turned him in. He developed highly sophisticated bombs which killed three Americans and injured about two dozen people.

In 1979, an FBI-led task force was created which involved investigators, analysts, and others to investigate the “UNBOMB” case. Every possible forensic examination took place, but the efforts were of no use because he built his bomb from scrap material that is available anywhere and left no possible forensic evidence.

In 1995, he wrote a manifesto and wanted it to be published by all the popular media outlets. When Ted’s brother David read the published manifesto, he identified his brother’s writing and turned him into the authorities. David couldn’t believe that his brother would be Unabomber, he said he never saw his brother be violent towards anyone. (1, 2)


5 Dean Corll killed and raped around 28 young men between 1970 to 1973. Corll’s hunt ended when he attacked Rhonda Williams, a friend of one of his men, Henley. Williams and Henley were tied up by Corll, but he released Henley as he promised to kill Williams. Instead of attacking Williams, Henley shot Corll and went to the police revealing all of Corll’s crimes.

Candy man
Dean Coril (Image to the left), Dean Corll with Elmer Wayne Henley. Image credit: YouTube via allthatsinteresting

From 1970 to 1973, Houston was terrorized by serial killer Dean Arnold Corll. He tortured, raped, and murdered over 28 young men with the help of two teenage boys named David Owen Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley.

Shockingly, the reason for Dean’s downfall was one of his men. Corll’s hunt came to an end when he attacked a 15-year-old friend of Henley, Rhonda Williams.

Henley invited Willams into Corll’s residence to save her from her abusive father. They both drank and passed out. When Henley woke up, he was tied up along with Williams, but Henley was released as he promised Corll to kill Williams.

Surprisingly, instead of attacking Williams, he shot Corll and ended his life. Later, Henley reported to police about Corll’s crimes and showed them the spot where bodies were buried of past murders. (source)

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Picture 10 Crimes that Were Solved in Unexpected Ways
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