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Year 2008 is actually 1711

The Theory: The theory here is that the early Middle Ages never existed and we have been counting the earth almost 200 years older than it actually is.

The facts: Well, there is no solid way to prove or disprove it, since the very theory says the carbon dating of this age is flawed. They also claim the written test from that era is a forgery from people of that era. Though they have not put forth a reason why and there is no solid evidence from them to prove this theory since the basis of their theory stops us from being able to scientifically prove they are wrong. It is a matter of who believes what, though the evidence does seem to be stronger for the side against the Middle Ages not existing. Since all this theory says is that the carbon dating is incorrect and the writings are forgeries though we have an almost perfect time line with the carbon dating we use, we can almost cast this one aside without proof.


There is a children’s book titled “Go The F to Sleep.”

In China baby survived by being accidentally flushed down the toilet.