20 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

by Neha Bansal2 years ago
Picture 20 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Money makes some people do crazy things! People can go to extremes, posing a high risk to their lives, for money. But we are not talking about quick money here. We are talking about people daring to earn their daily bread and butter by agreeing to do perilous tasks. These tasks are their daily jobs. Here are 20 of the most dangerous jobs in America, without which, our lives wouldn’t have been so easy!

The data compiled is taken from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries for the year 2020. This data is taken yearly and every year the figures change.

1 Logging Workers

Logging Workers
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Fatal injuries: 42

Non-fatal injuries: 400

Not many might know, but a lot of raw material for our day-to-day usage comes from the hard work of loggers. Logging workers have a fatal accident rate that was 33 times the average nationwide jobs. While harvesting forests to provide the raw materials, they engage in felling trees using heavy equipment. Logging worker deaths or accidents are most often caused by contact with logging machines or logs. (Source)

2 Roofers

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Fatal injuries:  88

Non-fatal injuries: 1960

Having a secure roof over your head seems like a blessing. This is all thanks to roofers who take high risks climbing on harnesses and ladders to give us our roof. While installing, repairing, and replacing roofs on homes and buildings using tiles, metal, or shingles on roofs, they often end up falling from the ladders, causing serious damage to themselves. Many even die as a result. (1, 2)


3 Aircraft Pilot and Flight Engineers

Aircraft Pilot and Flight Engineers
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Fatal injuries: 50

Non-fatal injuries: 520

With their lives at stake mid-air, brave aircraft pilots transport cargo and humans every day. Aircraft pilots fly airplanes, helicopters, and other types of aircraft, and also monitor the fuel quantity and ensure the optimum working conditions of all the parts of the aircraft before flight. The majority of fatalities occur due to crashes of privately owned planes and helicopters due to malfunctioning of the flight mid-air. (Source)

4 Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers
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Fatal injuries: 766

Non-fatal injuries: 73450

While it may seem easy, truck drivers always work at high risks! A second’s distraction may easily cost them their lives. Truck/heavy tractor-trailer drivers load and unload trucks or cars and drive them to the designated destination within a local area or sometimes, to nearby cities. Traffic crashes are the primary cause of death on the job for these drivers. (1, 2)


5 Derrick Operators in Gas, Oil, and Mining Fields

Derrick Operators in Gas, Oil, and Mining Fields
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Fatal injuries:  59

Non-fatal injuries: 400

One needs to have a tough heart and mind to be engaged in a task like this! Derrick operators set up, maintain, and operate the drill and derrick equipment used in the oil, gas, and mining fields. They also maneuver heavy-duty pumps to extract the oil and other materials. The most common fatalities arise due to transportation incidents and wrong handling of heavy equipment. (1, 2)

6 Iron and Steel Workers

Iron and Steel Workers
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Fatal injuries: 16

Non-fatal injuries: 780

Iron and steel workers might have an equally strong heart and willpower to endure the toughness of these jobs. Steel and ironworkers are responsible for installing steel and iron on roads, bridges, and buildings. The work requires them to climb on huge structures, unloading heavy iron and steel bars. They also use heavy-duty equipment to mold, weld, and shape these solid metals. The most fatal occupational accident for these workers falls from these structures. Many of these also suffer from amputations, injuries, and burns occurring due to equipment malfunction. (1, 2)


7 Construction Helpers/Cement Masons

Construction Helpers, Cement Masons
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Fatal injuries: 308

Non-fatal injuries:  16590

Construction workers, helpers, and cement masons build large and beautiful buildings, structures, and houses for us. This is not an easy job as one has to deal with hard raw materials such as cement, iron, bricks, and steel. Their work requires using heavy-duty equipment to mold, break, shape, weld these raw materials. The most common cause of death for these workers are falls and trips on construction sites or injuries due to wrong-handling of equipment. (1, 2)

8 Garbage Collectors

Garbage Collectors
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Fatal injuries: 30

Non-fatal injuries: 1670

Garbage collectors and refuse and recyclable material collectors collect our trash, recycle products, and keep our surroundings clean. If it was not for these people, our cities would have been huge dump yards. The most common cause of death for these workers is catching dangerous diseases owing to the fumes emanating from the waste. (Source)


9 Deep-Sea Fishermen

Deep-Sea Fishermen
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Fatal injuries: 42

Non-fatal injuries: 180

Deep-sea fishermen pose a risk to their lives daily as they dive into deep waters, in the middle of nowhere, to catch fish and other marine creatures. Their job makes them exposed to unexpected elements of nature in open waters. They gamble with their lives every minute, being away from medical aid. The highest cause of death for fishermen is drowning in the waters or being attacked by deadly marine creatures. (1, 2)

10 Police Officers

Police Officers
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Fatal injuries: 115

Non-fatal injuries: 1460

We feel safe and secure in our own homes and in our city because of the presence of these law enforcement bravehearts. Police officers enforce the law, protect life and property, and maintain order in their area. Their job demands them to patrol their area, investigate crimes, arrest thieves, burglars and murderers, and much more. The most common fatality on this job is being attacked by a criminal and losing their life or getting injured as a result. (Source)

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Picture 20 of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America
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