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12 Absolutely Insane Stories About People Who Won a Lottery

7. Bill Morgan, a truck driver from Australia, won a car in a lottery when he tried to test his luck after being dead for 14 minutes followed by a 12-day coma. When the local news went to cover his story, he opened another ticket in front of them and won $250,000.

Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan re-enacts the buying and scratching of his ticket. Image credits: BBC

Many people wish for a swift turn of luck, but Bill Morgan, a truck driver, witnessed it firsthand. It’s a story that happened in 1998 when the 37-year-old had encountered a horrific accident and got out of it without a scratch.

However, a subsequent heart attack from the trauma and wrong treatment took him almost to death’s door. After a miraculous recovery, he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket to test his luck. And to his utter surprise, he won a $17K car!.

Things became more astounding when a Melbourne news station decided to cover his story and film a reenactment. In the process, Bill bought another scratch card and won $250K! This is probably one of the most unbelievable plays of luck that happened in this case. (source)


8. Stefan Mandel, the lucky man who won lotteries with every possible number combination, and for his biggest win, $7.1 million, was physically printed in three months.

Stefan Mandel
Image credits: The hustle

Neither the headline nor this piece can cover the deeds of Stefan Mandel in the lottery industry. The person exploited every loophole possible in the traditional lottery system by developing an algorithm that would help him to identify and buy every combination to assure the win.

From living off paycheck to paycheck in Romania to living the life of a multi-millionaire in a beach house in Australia, Stefan Mandel’s life story is the most intriguing in the field of the lottery.

He won a $27 million jackpot in Virginia and several others in the US and Australia using his algorithm. His notorious works prompted laws against his particular way of manipulating lottery regulations, making him the only person in history to win a lottery by buying all the possible combinations. (source)


9. Kenneth J. Stokes became the lucky person to break the probability rule to win the same lottery twice and bagged $546,000 in total as he won two prizes from the same lottery. 

Kenneth J. Stokes
Kenneth J. Stokes. Image credits:

Imagine winning a lottery once; it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Now think of winning the same lottery twice. Absurd but true because it happened with Kenneth J. Stokes who bought a ticket for the lottery and got a gift of a ticket with that same number from a family member.

Massachusetts State Lottery Lucky for Life declared the two winners who had won the $25K yearly pay-off for the next 20 years and turned out it was Kenneth himself. The chance of something as crazy as this happening is one in 985,517.

The happy man brought home with him a whopping $546,000 after tax. When asked what he would do with the money, he replied that he would pay his son’s education fees and his daughter’s car payment. (source)

10. Powerball lottery winners Bob and James Stocklas won the lottery on the same day. James won $291 million, but Bob won only $7.

Bob and James Stocklas
Bob and James Stocklas. Image credits: Florida Lottery

In 2016, two brothers from Pennsylvania bought two lottery tickets and both ended up winning. Their combined prize total was over 291 million dollars. As outrageous as it sounds, it actually happened to two brothers in Florida.

While they were wrapping up their month-long fishing vacation. James Stocklas, who was a judge by profession, and his brother Bob bought lottery tickets in Florida while returning from the beach. But what’s even bizarre is that James won 291 million dollars and his brother only won 7 dollars.

On the day of the result, James was sitting at a restaurant for his breakfast just like any other day. He just happened to check his phone for the lottery numbers and then realized he won. For his celebration, he bought breakfast for each and everyone in the restaurant.

He also called his family to say that “We’re going back to Florida.” The Florida lottery also mentioned Bob Stocklas along with James as double winners by printing his name on the winner’s cheque. (source)


11. Ryan Kitching’s mother had been nagging him for weeks to clean his room. When the Scottish teen finally ended up cleaning his room, he found a bunch of 12 old lottery tickets in a drawer. One of those tickets was a winner of £52,981!

Ryan Kitching
Image credits: Deadline News/

After being ordered by his mom to clean his messy room for weeks, Ryan Kitching found a hidden treasure. The 19-old teen of Midlothian, Scotland discovered 12 old lottery tickets while cleaning his room.

One of those tickets won Ryan 52,981 pounds which is around 83,900 dollars. Before throwing them out with the pile of junk, he thought that he should check the numbers. For verification, Ryan checked the lottery numbers in the local supermarket. It was then that he found out that he’d been sitting with a winning ticket for nearly a month.

He said that “My dad wants me to put down a deposit on some property, then rent it out, maybe.” Ryan, however, has few ideas regarding what he wants to do with his winning amount. He also has plans to help his younger brother, Sean, 16. Also, he wants to buy a new car and take his family for a vacation. (source)


12. In 1992, an Australian gambling syndicate bought all the possible combinations of a Virginia lottery which cost them $5 million. Their plan succeeded when they ended up winning $27 million in return.


On 15th February 1992, the Virginia lottery accumulated a jackpot of 27 million dollars. An Australian gambling syndicate devised a plan to invest five million dollars to buy as many lottery tickets as possible.

The authorized members from the syndicate brought tickets in bulk from various stores. For example, the Farm Fresh supermarkets received an order of three million dollars worth of one-dollar lottery tickets.

The law enforcement, state, and federal tax officials were informed and involved after being notified about this suspicious purchase. Since no violations occurred, all the officials gave a green signal to this transaction.

And in the end, this auspicious purchase turned out to be a success for the Australian gambling syndicate, which won 27 million dollars. However, there are few cases where purchases of a huge amount of lottery tickets failed to win the jackpot.

One of those incidents happened in the 1990s. A person entered a California store with a bag full of 20 dollar bills. She failed, however, to secure that jackpot which was around 69 million dollars. (source)

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