10 Interesting Facts for Your Brain to Absorb

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6In a rare psychological disorder known as “boanthropy,” the patient believes that they are a cow or ox, and behaves like them.
Interesting Facts

Boanthropy is one of the strangest and rarest psychological conditions in medical textbooks. It is a condition in which the person considers themselves as a cow or an ox, and behaves like one.

People suffering from this disorder tend to spend their days as a cow, even attempt to walk on four limbs, eat grass, and often start mooing instead of talking like humans.

The reason behind this unusual condition is still unknown to researchers and doctors, but some reports suggest that boanthropy can be an extended manifestation of other psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

The most famous patient of this disease was Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire from 605 BCE to 562 BCE. In the Book of Daniel, it is mentioned that Nebuchadnezzar “was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen”.

The treatment for this condition is still not very well developed as the cause of the disease is still a mystery. Psychotherapy and psycho-pharmacotherapy are prescribed to help an individual get rid of the state of delusion. (source)


7In 2006, a woman struck matches in an attempt to cover her fart scents in a Dallas-bound American airline, which resulted in an emergency landing of the flight.

Emergency landing
Emergency landing

Concealing a fart scent in a public place can help you to avoid major embarrassment, but to what extent a person would go to hide their farts? An unidentified woman in 2006 tried to conceal the scent of flatulence in a plane, which led to its emergency landing.

An American Airline flight headed to Dallas had to make an emergency landing when the passengers complained of smelling burning sulfur.

All of the 99 passengers, five crew staff, and luggage were unloaded for security screening which was followed by the entry of sniffing dogs in the plane. The dogs discovered burnt match sticks under a passenger’s seat.

During an inquiry with the FBI, the passenger confessed that to get rid of a “body odor,” she lit up some matches, which was illegal to do while in flight. According to reports, she had an undisclosed medical condition.

The flight was allowed to fly, but the unidentified woman was banned from flying. (source)


8In 2010, Itaru Sasaki set up a phone booth in the garden of his hilltop house with a disconnected phone and termed it as kaze no denwa, the “wind phone,” to contact his dead cousin and move on with his grief. One year later, he opened the place for all the people who lost their loved ones in the Tsunami that hit Japan.

Wind phone
Image credits: Alexander McBride Wilson/Bloomberg, Mikinee/Atlas Obscura

Itaru Sasaki, from Japan, set up a phone booth in his garden in 2010 to help himself deal with the sorrow of his cousin’s loss by contacting him with a dead phone. Situated at the hills of Otsuchi town, Sasaki called it kaze no denwa, the “wind phone,” meant for one-way communication.

One year later, in 2011, when the tsunami hit Japan after an earthquake, a disastrous 30-foot wave struck Otsuchi. The natural disaster killed ten percent of the town’s population that day. After this horrific incident, Sasaki made his “wind phone” booth open to thousands of people, who were mourning the death of their friends and family.

According to reports, 10,000 people made it to the phone booth to remember their loved ones through one-way phone calls. Visitors express their feelings and emotions and try to get over their agony after dialing their beloved one’s phone number. (source)


9The largest man-made structure in history was the walls of Benin in present-day Nigeria. They were four times longer than the Great Wall of China and contained 100 times more material than the Cheops pyramid.

Interesting Facts
Walls of Benin

When we talk about the greatest and largest man-made structures on Earth, “The great wall of China” pops up in our heads. But what about “ The walls of Benin”? The Benin Empire, in the 11th century, was one of the ancient and most highly developed regions in western Africa.

The Benin City’s manmade walls are termed as “the world’s largest earthworks before the mechanical era” by the Guinness Book of Records (1974 edition).

The marvelous architecture of the city was crafted with ditches known as “Iya” in the Edo language. The walls are situated in the same place where present-day Benin City is located. The grand structure consists of 15 kilometers of the city Iya, and an estimated 16,000 kilometers of the rural area around Benin.

The walls of Benin stood strong for over 400 years, giving shelter and preserving the traditions of the Edo people until the British came in 1897 and destroyed one of Africa’s greatest manmade structures. With the fall of Benin’s wall, thousands of years of Africa’s historical evidence were erased. (1, 2)


10A rare black-skin apple grows in a remote mountainous city of Nyingchi in Tibet, also known as “black diamond apples.” The deep, dark color is caused by intense UV light along with temperature fluctuations between day and night.

Apples, one of the beloved fruits packed with loads of health benefits, come in many colors, like- red, green, or yellow. But people in Nyingchi City in the remote Tibetan mountains cultivate a black apple known as “black diamond.” The exotic fruit belongs to the family of hua niu apples.

The secret behind the distinctive color of “black diamond” is the intense ultraviolet light it receives during the daytime and the fluctuations in the temperature of the place between day and night. This leads to its deep, dark-colored outer layer, with a regular white color inside, just like any other apple.

An e-commerce company from China has already started growing the exotic apple breed in a 50-hectare orchard at 3,100 meters above sea level. According to reports, you can find these rare apples in very few supermarkets in major Chinese cities in gift packages of six to eight fruits, and it will cost you around $8 per fruit. (1, 2)

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