10 Interesting Facts for Your Brain to Absorb

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Picture 10 Interesting Facts for Your Brain to Absorb

Thanks to the Internet, our brains have access to unlimited resources and information every day. We stumble upon hundreds of bizarre, fun, and interesting facts while scrolling down on social media platforms. But, there are still so many stories out there, which are waiting to be disclosed and can make you say, “Wow!” Here we have listed out 10 Interesting facts that your brain won’t let you easily forget.

1The DNA tests of 39 of Adolf Hitler’s living relatives suggest that he had both Jewish and African ancestors.

Adolf Hitler
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Adolf Hitler, one of the most evil people of the 20th century, was well known for his hatred towards Jews, which led to their gruesome exterminations in the Holocaust tragedies.

Luckily, Hitler’s evil plan to erase all other races, except the “Aryans”, and create a European “Master Race” wasn’t successful, but since his death, lots of speculations were raised about his ancestry. Many theories have been formulated about his parents, nothing was conclusive.

In the quest of finding the truth, a Belgian journalist, Jean-Paul Mulders, came forward and collaborated with a historian named Marc Vermeeren who had extensive knowledge of Hitler and his ancestors.

They collected saliva samples from 39 living relatives of the Nazi leader, including a great-nephew, Alexander Stuart-Houston, a New York resident, and an Austrian cousin known as “Norbert H.” A Belgian magazine revealed that the barbaric ruler was a descendant of the community that he tried to wipe out from Europe.

The data indicate that Hitler’s relatives possess a chromosome known as Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA), which is a rare one in Germany and Western Europe, and could have its roots in Africa and the Middle East. According to reports, this chromosome is prevalent in the Jewish population.

“It is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, in Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews,” Mr. Vermeeren mentioned in the article. (source)


2When it gets too hot in Australia, the nectar in certain flowers will ferment and turn into alcohol. When bees who imbibe this nectar get “drunk,” they are not allowed back into the hive until they sober up.

Honey bee
Honey bee

Intoxicated bees have been found roaming around Australia’s parliament building in Canberra under the influence of booze. Parliament’s head beekeeper, Cormac Farrell, reported this in a tweet about this weird incident in 2019.

According to Farrell, the strange behavior of bees is because they were drunk on fermented flower nectar, caused by Australia’s warm summer weather.

Being drunk on flower nectar can have some really serious consequences for the individual, like meeting with accidents, dying of alcohol poisoning, or losing their way back home.

If somehow they managed to get back to their home, the drunk member wouldn’t be allowed to enter, according to the no-drinking law of beehives.

It’s believed that the intoxicated bees are stopped at the border by the other bees to protect the honey from fermentation, which could devastate the entire colony. (source)


3North Korea is sitting on 200 different varieties of minerals, which together are worth six to ten trillion dollars, but which they can’t access due to lack of technology and equipment.

Interesting Facts
North Korea mining

The small isolated nation of North Korea under the totalitarian rule of Kim-Jong-un, is frequently in the media, either for their hostile attitude towards their neighbor or their ambitious missile tests. But very few people are aware that the cash-strapped country contains trillions of dollars of wealth hidden beneath their mountains.

According to reports, 200 different varieties of minerals that include gold, iron, copper, zinc, magnesite, limestone, tungsten, and graphite are stuck inside the deep mountainous regions of North Korea, and some of the minerals are present as the largest stockpile in the world. Those minerals are worth between $6 trillion and $10 trillion.

But unlike other mineral-rich countries, infrastructure is not updated enough in North Korea to extract and export the minerals in quantities. They still rely on China, South Korea, and Russia for their financial and energy needs, and have only done a handful of trading with neighboring nations. (source)


4The Basenji dogs are the only dog breed in the world that can not produce the barking sound.

Basenji dog
Basenji dog

Can you think of a dog, which doesn’t bark? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? But, Basenji, an ancient dog breed from central Africa, cannot produce the barking sound.

The real reason for Basenji’s inability is still unknown, but there are few theories about the barkless dog. Some suggest that the shallowness of the dog’s laryngeal ventricle doesn’t allow the folds inside the vocal cord to reach a threshold vibration, which is required to generate the bark.

But the graceful dogs that are 16-17 inches in height are not completely silent. They have many other kinds of sounds in their possession.

A common Basenji signature vocalization is the “barrooooo” sound, something between a howl, and a yodel. They also howl and yodel just like other puppies to express their emotions and to communicate. (source)


5Snake Venom, a beer produced by Scottish brewery, Brewmeister, has 67.5% alcohol content compared to 4.5% alcohol content in Corona.

Snake Venom beer
Snake Venom Beer

What is the world’s strongest alcoholic beer you know about? Whatever that is, your opinion might change after reading this. The strongest alcohol title is awarded to Snake Venom, with an ABV (Alcohol by volume) of 67.5%.

It has surpassed  Armageddon, the world’s strongest beer with a 65% ABV, produced by a Scottish brewery, Brewmeister, the same brewery that makes  Snake Venom.

When Armageddon was introduced to people in 2012, the customers reviewed it as “too weak”. After that, the brewery decided to create the most alcoholic beer ever with special ingredients, like smoked peat malt, beer yeast, and Champagne yeast.

Unlike the normal beer-making process, Snake Venom undergoes an unusual one in which the fermented beer is frozen, and the ice content is discarded to get a higher beer concentration. The new beer by Brewmeister is so strong that they had to put a warning label on it for the consumer. (1, 2)

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Picture 10 Interesting Facts for Your Brain to Absorb
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