12 Real life Incidents that Will Make You Believe in Karma

by Rajarshi Saha3 years ago
Picture 12 Real life Incidents that Will Make You Believe in Karma

Do you guys believe in luck or fate? If not, then probably it could be hard for you to believe in karma, which is a belief that your actions result in future consequences. Even if the idea of karma doesn’t make sense to you, many of us would hope that bad and good people should receive proper justice for their deeds. It does not matter if it’s instant justice or happens after many years. So buckle up to read about 10 real-life incidents that will make you believe in karma.

1 Matthew Riggins, the then-22-year-old burglary suspect from Florida, was killed by an 11 foot long alligator after he hid in a lake to take shelter from the police.

Matthew Riggins
Matthew Riggins. Image credits: USAToday.com

In November 2015, Florida resident Matthew Riggins decided to go on a robbery spree in the Barefoot Bay area. When the police were informed by the local people that a man in a black dress was wandering around, the officers came to the scene with all possible resources to search for the thief.

It is believed that Matthew decided to hide in Barefoot Bay Lake until the search was over. Unfortunately for the burglar, the lake was home to some pretty big alligators.

Riggins’s body was recovered after ten days in the lake, guarded by an 11-foot-long alligator. The reptile was killed after its ferocious behavior towards police divers. The forensic team identified Riggins’ hand and foot inside the alligator’s stomach. (source)


2 In 2016, thieves in Australia got a nasty mouthful of sewage after inserting a hose into a tour bus’s sewage tank instead of petrol while trying to siphon fuel.

Tour Bus
Image used for representational purposes only.

The thieves from Australia got a really nasty taste of karma.

Fuel prices have been surging in the past couple of years in many countries, but that does not give anyone the license to steal it from others. In 2016, two criminals in Australia made an attempt to siphon petrol from the gas tank of a tour bus.

Little did they know, instead of the gas tank, they placed the hose pipe, which is used to siphon, into a sewage tank. That means, they sucked in some human waste. That’s pretty gross, right?

“We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth,” Laverton Police Senior Sgt. Heath Soutar said. (source)


3 Avery Davis from Florida unleashed his pit bull and directed his dog to bite the police officer who was chasing him for a suspected burglary case. His pet dog bit him in the buttocks instead of biting the officer.

Avery Davis
Avery Davis. Image credits: Riviera Beach Police Department via NYDailyNews

In 2016, a pit bull made headlines when he bit his owner in the butt. When Avery Davis, a Florida resident, was trying to escape from the Riviera Beach police, he unleashed his pit bull and instructed him to bite the officer.

In an unexpected turn of events, Avery’s pit bull bit him in the buttocks instead of the officer. Davis didn’t see that coming. Afterward, he had to take shelter in a neighborhood apartment complex, both from the officer and his dog.

The police eventually managed to take the then 26 year old in custody and charged him with an assault charge. According to reports, police approached Davis because they suspected him to be involved in a reported burglary case in the neighborhood. (source)


4 Ginny Griffith, a Kansas resident, set fire on some towels to kill a spider in her house. The fire went out of control and spread across the entire house and finally brought under control by firefighters from five units. Ginny was charged for intensifying the arson.

Ginny Griffith set house on fire
House on fire

In 2014, the then 34-year-old Ginny Griffith used a lighter to set fire to some towels in an attempt to get rid of a spider crawling inside her house in Kansa City. But Ginny’s brave endeavor soon turned out to be a huge mistake when the fire blazes spread across the entire house.

The fire department had to send five units to bring the fire under control, which they achieved within minutes. The Deputy Chief Doug Hanen, of the Kansas City Fire Department, said that they discovered multiple origin points of the ignition.

Ms. Griffith was arrested and charged for intensifying the arson after she admitted to lighting up the towels with her cigarette lighter in her shared house. (source)


5Two con men from Spain unknowingly bought a fake painting of Goya, which they later sold to an Arab sheik with a forged authenticity certificate for 1.7 million Swiss francs. They realized afterward that the sheik tricked them with photocopied banknotes.

Fake painting of Goya
Fake painting of Goya. Image credits: National police/Independent.co.uk

Two Spanish con-men brothers were arrested by Spanish police from Girona, Spain in 2015 for trying to sell a fake Francisco de Goya painting to an Arab sheik who actually fooled them by paying with photocopied bills.

Back in 2003, the con men in Catalonia purchased the painting of Goya, portraying Spanish artist Antonio Maria Esquivel. They had faith in both the painting and the authenticity certificate.

But, afterward, it was proved to be a forged one. A court in Girona in 2006 mentioned that the duo could have the painting with the 20,000 euro deposit money they had already paid, instead of paying 270,000 euro, the total cost of the painting.

In December 2014, the two notorious brothers decided to sell the fake portrait to an Arab sheik and made a deal of 4 million euros with him using a fake certificate they received earlier. The man behind the scene for this deal was an Italian middleman, who would be pocketing a commission fee of 300,000 euros from the brothers.

The brothers went to Turin to collect their down payment amount of 1.7 million Swiss francs, and to give 300,000 euros to the middleman in Girona. Their happiness didn’t last long. When the con brothers went to a bank in Geneva to deposit the money, they were informed by the officials that the notes were nothing but photocopies.

That’s not the end of their misery. As soon as they left Switzerland, the brothers were held in custody by French customs officers in a fake money case. The Italian middleman and the Arab sheik vanished completely with real 300,000 euros. (source)


6 A Texan man in 2015 fired three shots towards an armadillo that was just roaming around his house. One of the bullets rebounded from the mammal’s shell and hit the man’s face.


On July 30, 2015, a man from east Texas was wandering outside his residence in Marietta, southwest of Texarkana. At around 3 a.m., he noticed an armadillo wandering in his area.

Without thinking anything, he got his gun and fired three times at the armored mammal. One of the bullets rebounded from the armadillo’s thick outer shell and hit his face.

“He went outside and took his .38 revolver and shot three times at the armadillo,” according to Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe. Mr. Rowe mentioned that the deflected bullet struck the unidentified man’s jaw.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment for his injuries. Nobody knew what happened to the animal, but karma hit back at the Texan man. (source)

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Picture 12 Real life Incidents that Will Make You Believe in Karma
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