10 Design Features on Everyday Items You Never Knew Had a Purpose

by Akankha Mitra2 years ago

6 The Indentation on Wine Bottles

The indentation on the bottom of the wine bottle is called a “punt” and helps provide support to the bottle and helps it stand upright. The sharp point on the bottom of the bottle is eliminated with the introduction of the punt.

Indentation on Wine Bottles
Indentation on Wine Bottles

The indentation on the bottom surface of wine bottles or “punt,” is highly functional, although most of us might be unaware of its purpose. It was not developed to merely enhance the appearance of the bottle, but to give shape and support to the bottle.

Historically, when the bottles were manufactured by glassblowers, the seam was pushed up to ensure that the bottle stood upright and there was not a piece of sharp glass at the bottom.

The punts, therefore, also add to the structural balance of the glass bottle. Although presently, wine bottles are made up of stronger materials and are manufactured using machines, the punt was retained in order to serve traditional purposes.

Punts do not serve to provide structural integrity of the bottles anymore, except for the sparkling wine that exerts more pressure on the bottle. In this case, they help in distributing the pressure evenly. (1, 2)

7 The Hole in the Handle of Cooking Pots

The hole in a cooking pot’s handle is designed for a spoon. It helps the spoons and cutleries to stay in place and not swim around during cooking. It is also used to hang the utensil.

Cooking Pot
Cooking Pot. Image credit: u/NippyC/Reddit

Cooking pans have long handles made up of insulating material to prevent the heat from contacting your skin. The handles of the cooking pots and similar utensils have holes that serve a couple of purposes.

Firstly, it can be used to hang the utensils on the wall. The holes keep the utensils intact on the wall and save space.

Secondly, while using a spatula or other utensils while cooking, you can insert it into the hole. This allows the gravy of the dish being cooked to drip into the pan, rather than on the stove. Keeping the spatula on other surfaces in the kitchen might be messy and require additional effort while cleaning up. The hole shall ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Plastic utensils might melt when kept in contact with the stove for a prolonged period. The hole works wonders in conserving such utensils and using them with ease. (1, 2)


8 The Plastic Liner on Soda Bottle Caps

The plastic liner on a soda bottle cap is used to keep the drink fizzy. These plastic liners keep the carbon dioxide intact and prevent it from escaping the bottles. Without it, the gas would escape the bottle and the drink might lose its flavor.

Plastic Liner on Soda Bottle Caps
Plastic Liner on Soda Bottle Caps

The bottle caps of fizzy drinks like beer and coke have a plastic liner underneath that plays an important role. Soda bottles contain pressurized carbon dioxide that gives the drink a fizzy flavor. These bottles are made up of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is a recyclable material and acts as an effective barrier preventing the carbon dioxide to escape.

However, the caps of the bottles are made up of HDPE (High-density Polyethylene) which is relatively a weaker plastic to stop the carbon dioxide from escaping. So, a sheathing of plastic is added to the surface of the cap to prevent the carbon dioxide and pressure from escaping the bottle. In this way, the fizz is retained and the drink does not lose its taste. (1, 2)

9 The Arrow on the Gas Gauge of a Car

The arrow on the gas gauge of your car helps you to locate the side of the fuel cap. This little arrow serves a major purpose by helping you know the location of the fuel cap.

Arrow on the Gas Gauge of a Car
Arrow on the Gas Gauge of a Car

The little arrow on the gas gauge of your car might have been ignored for a long time. However, this pointing arrow has an important role to play. It points towards the side of the car where the fuel cap is located. This will enable you to easily access the fuel cap when refueling the car.

This feature is highly functional especially when you are driving a rental car and do not know the position of the cap. Additionally, this is effective since it allows you to recall the location of the fuel cap and reduces time consumption. This arrow has been placed on almost every car for a decade.

So now, you can pay attention to the arrow and locate the fuel cap easily. (1, 2)


10 The Hole in the Airplane Window

The hole in the airplane window serves a couple of purposes. It compensates for the difference in air pressure with the rising altitude and prevents the window from fogging up in order to not hinder the view.

bleed holes of airplane window
Bleed holes of airplane window

The cabin of an airplane is pressurized to prevent the passengers from passing out when the altitude can be as high as approximately 11,000 meters above sea level. It is a well-known fact that to keep the pressure intact, the cabin cannot have any openings. However, the tiny hole in the airplane window is not a result of a mistake. In fact, it ensures the safety of the passengers.

These holes, also called “bleed holes,” are wedged between two acrylic materials. When one peers out, he or she is actually looking through three panes. With the rising altitude, the air pressure changes, and these holes help in equilibrating the air pressure between the cabin and the gaps between the panes. This ensures that cabin pressure is applied only to the outermost pane.

Another important purpose served by it is to protect the window from fogging up to offer a clear view to the passenger when he or she peers through the window. (1, 2)

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