10 of the Strangest Unsolved Internet Mysteries of All Time

by Ayushi Rastogi4 years ago

6 A song released in 1984 became a sensation on the Internet. It is also known as “the most mysterious song on the Internet.” It is a viral internet phenomenon. Internet users have been making collaborative efforts to find the origins of the song. Despite multiple theories, there is no answer yet.

A man named Darius S. recorded a song in the 1980s from a radio program Musik Für Junge Leute. He did not know the song’s origin. Darius’ sister, Lydia H, posted this song on the Internet in 2007 to find out the artist. Instantly, netizens became curious and started looking for the singer. They labeled it as “the most mysterious song on the Internet.”

The song gained more popularity after Gabriel Da Vieira, a teenager, posted a clip of the song on YouTube in 2019. He also uploaded it to different Reddit music subreddits. Few mentioned that the song was played on the radio program Musik Für Junge Leute by Baskerville.

Recently in July 2020, a Reddit user published the complete list of songs played on the program in 1984. However, after searching the list, netizens realized that the song was not on the list. This ruled out the theory that Baskerville played this song. Internet users are still searching for the artist. (1, 2)

7 On a website, a guy named just “Ted” posted about a virgin cave passage in some unknown location in the US. He shared his strange experiences in the cave. He never revealed his real identity. According to some people, it was just a piece of fiction. However, no one knows for sure.

Ted the caver
Image credits: Angelfire.com

A man named “Ted” documented his trip to a cave. This journey started from 2000 onwards. He shared all his mysterious and scary experiences in the cave on the Internet. He backed up his stories with photographs of the cave, thus, adding credibility. He published his last journal in 2001. Internet users launched a hunt to find the man, but no one claimed the position.

Ted the caver
(To the left) A rough drawing of a symbol found on the walls of the cave. Image credits: Angelfire.com

Multiple interesting theories emerged regarding the “cave man.” One of them was that he found a portal to another dimension. Another was that some evil spirits in the cave found him and followed him to his home. Some people found this story to be completely fabricated.

They felt that although there is a possibility that a man named Ted went for a trip, he made up the rest of the story. This mystery remains unsolved. In 2013, David L. Hunt, a director, released the movie Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver based on this incident. (1, 2, 3)

8 A Korean woman with the Internet name “Chip-Chan” live-streamed her life 24×7 on the Internet. According to the woman, a corrupt police officer held her hostage. Suddenly, one day, she stopped the live-streaming. Nobody knew what happened to her. While some claimed she was a mentally-ill woman, others felt her videos were part of an art project. Nothing, however, has been proved yet.

Chip-Chan” live-streamed her life 24×7 on the Internet.

On a social media channel, a South Korean woman started live-streaming her life in 2000. Her pseudonym was “Chip-Chan.” Thousands of Internet users followed these videos. One of the users linked these videos to a blog, probably written by the woman herself. In the blog, she claimed that a  corrupt police officer implanted a microchip in her ankle.

She named this police officer as “P.” She mentioned that he was stalking her daily, and he turned the camera off when he entered her house. He used to force her to sleep for 20 hours a day. She also placed a board in her background with cryptic messages written on it. After a few years, she stopped the live-streaming.

In the 2000s, everyone became curious and wanted to find the woman. People tried to check if there was any truth to this story. However, they found no information. A few felt that she was suffering from a mental illness. Others said she was involved in a big art project, and all the videos were just a part of it. So far, no one has reached a definitive conclusion. (1, 2)


9 An Internet user released a video titled Grave Robbing for Morons on the Internet. It showed a young man speaking to his friends behind the camera. He held a human skull throughout and gave grave-robbing tips. No one has been able to identify the man.

In the video titled “Grave Robbing for Morons,” a young boy talked about grave-robbing. According to the internet users, the video was probably released in the 1980s or 1990s. The boy had long, unkempt hair tied in a ponytail. In the mysterious video, he described the process of cleaning a skull.

Also, he talked about selling skulls on the black market. The video became sensational in the internet world. The young boy mentioned the name “Anthony Cas” in the video but stopped mid-way. Internet users tried to find this man. However, nothing came out.

Few claimed that the entire video was a hoax. These were just a group of boys having drinks and fun. Some believed that the makers of “Grave Robbing for Morons” might have been inspired by the 1978 horror film Faces of Death. The movie was filmed in a similar style and featured a similar theme of exploiting death for entertainment.

Another name that has been tied to this video is a man named Christopher Bouchie. He used to make low-budget horror movies. However, he denied any involvement. This mystery is still unsolved, and users are looking for answers. (source)


10 Heaven’s Gate was an American UFO religious cult based near San Diego, California. The police found 39 members of the group dead in a house in 1997. According to their strange beliefs, they committed suicide to board an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Almost 23 years later, the cult’s website is still working. No one knows who the people are that are running the website.

Heaven's Gate
Heaven’s Gate. Image credits: HLN/CNN

In San Diego, the police found the bodies of 39 members of a cult on 26 March 1997. All the members committed suicide. The cult was Heaven’s Gate. It was the first popular American cult on the Internet. The cult had a strange belief that a UFO was hiding behind the Hale-Bopp Comet.

The comet was closest to Earth in March of 1997. Therefore, the members felt that it was the right to leave their Earthly bodies and ascend to the UFO to go to another planet. Surprisingly, almost 23 years later, the cult’s website is still running.

Internet users have tried to find out about the people running the website. However, no one has been identified yet. The administrators behind the website agreed to do an email interview in 2015. They called themselves “TELAH.”

TELAH also stands for “The Evolutionary Level Above Human.” They claimed that the dead members are actually alive and have transcended their human bodies. They will come back. People on Earth might have an opportunity to join them. The administrators did not reveal their true identity. (1, 2, 3)

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