10 Surprising Things People Have Discovered in Their Homes

by Rajarshi Saha3 years ago

6 A UK Couple found an entire Victorian Era kitchen in perfect condition in their basement when they were renovating the stately house they recently moved into. It has been untouched for 60 to 100 years.

Victorian era kitchen
Image credits: CascadeNews/Dailymail

Archie Graham-Palmer and his wife Philippa were doing a makeover of their 19th-century house, when they discovered an incredible Victorian kitchen stuffed with utensils in the cupboards, along with a 1911 cookbook in the basement of the family house in 2013.  

The kitchen includes other cooking gear such as kettles, pots, pans, pastry cutters, antique fire extinguishers, and jelly molds.

Victorian era kitchen
Image credits: CascadeNews/Dailymail

He believed that the installation of the kitchen is thought to have been in the 1830s, the time when houses usually had a full complement of servants.

Mr. Graham-Palmer, 41,  who took over the family estate from his father, believes the kitchen was unused for more than 100 years, but later it was used as a shelter for protection from air raids during WWII. “The basement had been a dumping ground for years,’ he said. ‘We discovered that the room was as it would have been then.”

The couple is determined to preserve the historic kitchen and redecorate it with colors from the Victorian era. (source)


7 A family ended up discovering an ancient chapel under their house after getting drunk on the occasion of a Good Friday celebration. They simply had to remove a meter-long grill in the floor and climbed down to discover a small, weird cellar that looked like a chapel.

Secret chapel
Image credits: Newsteam/Dailymail

In 2010, the Farla family members were celebrating Good Friday with drinks when their curiosity led them to finally investigate a metal grill in their Telford home in Shropshire. Ever since the family moved into the 230 years old Victorian building they have been wondering about the mysterious grill which lay alongside the wall. 

 After pulling off the grill from the floor, Gareth Farla, 20, and his uncle Matthew, 25, managed to squeeze through the meter-long rectangle. They ended up in a dark, spooky and small cellar which appeared like a chapel. 

Matthew said, “We only discovered it because we were drunkenly fooling around and decided to have a look at what was beneath the grill. It was amazing.” They mentioned finding newspapers and magazines dating back to the 1930s and hooks probably used to hang meat. A wooden cross was rotting in the center of the room. 


There are few theories about the mysterious chapel. History expert Richard Westwood Brooke believed that It may have been a secret shelter, known as a “priest hole,” for Catholics who were given death sentences for being Catholic.

Another theory put on the table by Mr. Brooke is that the room could have been used as a bunker during WWII for Churchill’s secret army who were operating behind the scene. (source)

8 In 2010, an Iowa family finds a 12,000-year-old mammoth bone in their backyard while looking for blackberries.

Mammoth discovery in rural Iowa
Image credits: mnh.uiowa.edu

In July 2010, John and his two sons from Iowa were strolling and searching for blackberries in the forest behind their property when one of the boys noticed a bizarre object which he thought was a ball at the edge of a creek.

After a closer look, John realized that the strange object was actually something much bigger. “I got down on my hands and knees on the bank, and I could see a narrow line around the edge,” John told his local ABC news station. “I said, ‘Boys, that’s a bone. That’s a really big bone.'”

The family soon started digging out the rest of the structure which turned out to be a four-foot-long specimen of mammoth’s femur. John brought it to the University of Iowa, where researchers after an inspection identified it as a femur of an ancient woolly mammoth dating back to the Ice Age.


Later, experts from the university’s Museum of Natural History started an excavation project in the backyard of his house to extract the rest of the 12,000-year-old creature’s remains. After digging twice, they’ve unearthed bones and a few ribs. (source)

9 Weird old Russian figurine found in a New York attic sells for over five million dollars.

Faberge figurine
Image credits: WNYT/Dailymail

A Russian miniature statue hidden in an upstate New York attic for 70 years was sold at an auction for an astonishing price of $5.2 million in 2013.

The figurine with several diamonds on it was estimated to have been made in 1912. It is a figurine of a known personal bodyguard to royalty. Czar Nicholas II gifted this to his wife only years before his expulsion from power and death at the hands of Bolshevik revolutionaries. 

In 1934, it was then purchased by George Davis of Manhattan’s Hammer Galleries, for $2,250. Nobody knew what happened to it since then according to the Register Star. After Mr. Davis’s demise, his descendants found the figure in its original box while going through his possessions in his estate.

Experts valued the figure at $800,000 which, according to WNYT reports, is one of the only 50 such statues which exist today. But after a 15-minute auction, it was sold to London-based jeweler Wartski for $6 million. (source)


10 A Utah man finds 45,000 in cash in an access panel in the ceiling at his new home. Then he returns it to its rightful owner.

Utah man finds 45,000 in cash
Image credits: Abcnews.go.com

Josh Ferrin, an artist for the Deseret News, recovered eight ammo boxes stuffed with $45,000 in cash and coins hidden safely in the ceiling of his Utah house where he moved in 2011.

Ferrin started to inspect the back of his garage, just hours after he moved in, in order to find the perfect place to set up his tools and hang things up. He looked up and noticed a little access panel in the ceiling. With the help of a ladder, he climbed up to the top and discovered old dusty ammo boxes loaded with thousands of dollars of bills. 

“I grabbed the boxes, they were heavy. I thought it might be holding down some pieces of wood or something,” he said. It wasn’t. It was filled with rolls and rolls of dollar bills. 

“I opened it up, freaked out, closed it, locked it in the trunk of my car and called my wife to say, ‘You are not going to believe what I just found in our attic.”

His family took three hours to sort out and unroll all the cash from the bizarre boxes.

Ferrin and his wife found out that the former owner of the house, Arnold Bangerter, a father of six, had passed away. They tracked down his son and returned the entire cash amount to him. (source)

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