Top 15 Weirdest Museums Around the World

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Picture Top 15 Weirdest Museums Around the World

Museums are considered to be a treasure trove of history and offer a peek into the past. However, there are certain museums that take a less-traveled path by highlighting exotic items. These museums are comprised of quirky and hilarious exhibits from all over the world. Moreover, the museum exhibits explore the limitless capability of the human mind. Here is a list of 15 of the most bizarre, offbeat, and weirdest museums the world has to offer.

1 Museum of Broken Relationships – A museum in Croatia where people can leave personal objects left by ex-lovers accompanied by brief descriptions.

Museum of Broken Relationships
Image credit: Kate Ryan via

The Museum of Broken Relationships located in Croatia is exclusively dedicated to failed love relationships. The museum includes personal objects left by former lovers with brief descriptions. The museum was a brainchild of a couple of Croatian artists, Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić. The artists conceived the idea after their love relationship came to an end after four years.

After contemplating the idea for a long time, they contacted their friends as well to donate things left by former lovers. The museum was opened to the public in 2016 and is the city’s first privately owned museum. The museum is divided into three segments – material remains such as objects and pictures, a virtual web museum where donors can upload images and documents, and finally a confession space which is an interactive part of the museum. Due to its quirkiness, in May 2011, it received the Kenneth Hudson Award as Europe’s most innovative museum. (source)

2 Museum of Bad Art – A museum exclusively dedicated to awful artwork. It is a permanent collection that includes over 700 pieces of art that are too bad to be ignored.

Image credits: Museum-of-Bad-Art/Facebook

The museum dedicated to awful artwork is located in Massachusetts. The museum is comprised of 700 pieces of awful artwork that are too bad to be ignored. The private museum was conceptualized in 1994 after an art dealer, Scott Wilson, displayed an artwork that he retrieved from the trash to his friends. He retrieved the museum’s signature piece – Lucy in the Field with Flowers. Based on his friend’s suggestions, the museum started displaying artwork that is original with a serious backstory.

The museum started gaining popularity through word-of-mouth publicity. The museum was initially operated out of a basement in Dedham, Massachusetts. Due to increasing popularity, it was later moved to various branches across Massachusetts. The famous artworks in the display include Lucy in the Field with Flowers, Sunday on the Pot with George, Bone-Juggling Dog in Hula Skirt, and Motifs and Interpretations. (source)


3 Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum – A museum located in Osaka exclusively dedicated to instant and cup noodles.

Image credits: cupnoodles-museum

The museum is dedicated to food innovator Momofuku Ando is located in Osaka. The museum highlights the history of instant noodles around the world. It is comprised of more than 800 packets of instant noodles organized in chronological order. Instant noodles were born in Japan and gradually spread until they are now found all around the world.

The quirky museum also boasts a “My Cup Noodles Factory” where visitors can customize their noodles. They can also manufacture their own noodles and top them off with their favorite sauce. This museum is a must-visit for ramen and cup noodles lovers. (source)

4 The Clown Museum – A museum and a research center dedicated to the preservation and advancement of clown art and achievement.

International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center
Image credits: International Clown Hall of Fame and Research Center/Facebook

The museum recognizes the outstanding history of clowns and is an ode to the circus. The museum pays tribute to clown performers and also consists of a research center. The museum was set up in 1987 at Delavan, Wisconsin which is considered to be the birthplace of the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus.

The museum’s hall of fame has more than 61 clowns who are considered to be outstanding performers. The museum also exhibits a range of different types of clowns and their funny costumes. It also consists of the famous mini-car driven by the famous clown Chester “Bobo” Barnett, and trunks full of clowns costumes, posters, and collectors’ paraphernalia. (source)

5 International UFO Museum – This is a museum that focusses on the 1947 Roswell Crash and later supposed UFO incidents in the United States and elsewhere.

UFO Museum
Image credits: UFO Museum/Facebook

The International UFO Museum and Research Centre is located at Roswell, New Mexico. The museum was founded by Glenn Dennis and inaugurated in September 1991. The museum was organized to highlight the events following the alleged “Roswell Incident”.

It is comprised of a collection of materials and information related to the incident that occurred in 1947. It also exhibits models of aliens, UFOs, alien autopsy reports, and documentaries. The museum is run by a non-profit organization and has an extensive collection of extra-terrestrial exhibits from all over the world. (source)


6 Cockroach Museum – This is an unusual museum that features the largest and best-dressed cockroaches. The roaches are dressed like celebrities and historical figures.

It is an eccentric series of museums throughout the United States and Canada. The museum features roach celebrities and live cockroaches. The museum consists of a hilarious collection of dead bugs dressed as celebrities and historical figures.

The cockroach hall of fame exhibits “Liberoache”, a roach dressed in a housecoat and a wig with a miniature piano. It also consists of “Bates Roach Motel” a psycho-roach replete with a tiny knife in its hand. Moreover, visitors can see roaches dressed as Elvis Presley, Britney Spears, Santa Claus, and more. (source)

7 Museum of Failed Products – This museum contains thousands of consumer products that never took off including gems like Clairol’s “A Touch of Yoghurt shampoo” and Pepsi’s “AM Breakfast Cola.”

Image credits: Museumoffailure/Instagram

The museum which is located in Ann Arbor features a collection of failed products and services. The museum was created by Robert McMath in 1960s when he started purchasing and preserving samples of every item he could lay his hands on. The museum features over 70 failed products and risky innovations.

Among them, the famous items on display are Clairol’s yogurt shampoo, Pepsi’s breakfast cola, Apple Newton MessagePad, Harley-Davidson Cologne, Heinz’s EZ Squirt purple- or green-colored ketchup, Colgate Beef Lasagne, Google glass, BiC for Her, and much more. The museum also exhibits a confession wall were visitors can write their failure on a post-it note and display it to the world. (source)

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Picture Top 15 Weirdest Museums Around the World
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