10 Bizarre Facts About the Beatles

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Picture 10 Bizarre Facts About the Beatles

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr are iconic artists in the music industry. The Beatles became one of the most productive, successful, and famous bands in history. With a lot of their classic singles hitting the top place in billboard charts then, it comes to no surprise that even after how many decades, they still continue to influence many people and gain more fans today. Think you know all about the Fab Four, the most adored and treasured band in the world? Read and check out these 10 bizarre trivia about The Beatles to test your knowledge.

1. Shows of The Beatles were memorable not only because of the number of people who attend them, but they are most known for having a strong smell of urine.

The Beatles concerts
Image credit: Nationaal Archief

The first show by The Beatles in America was held at the Washington Coliseum. John B. Lynn, son of Harry Lynn, who was the owner of the Coliseum, said that he recalls his father telling him about the first show. One noticeable thing after the concert was how there was an overwhelmingly strong smell of urine throughout the venue which he guessed was from the overly excited fangirls of the band.

Other performers have also mentioned in past interviews similar experiences. Bob Geldof, singer-songwriter and frontman of The Boomtown Rats, said that he associates the smell of urine every time someone talks about concerts of the band. He said, “I remember looking down at the cinema floor and seeing these rivulets of piss in the aisles.”(source)

2. Charles Manson, the man who was known for the murders of Tate-LaBianca, was inspired by The Beatles.

Charles Manson and the beatles
Image credit: Beeld en Geluidwiki

There were many ways Charles Manson used to connect his murderous acts with the band. Charles Manson has stated that he heard and understood the secret messages that the band was trying to send through their music about the upcoming race war at that time.  He also connected the four band members to the four horsemen in Revelations of the Holy Bible, claiming that the Fab Four were the angels mentioned to bring the news of war. The Helter Skelter song was another association used by Manson which he interpreted as a sign to rise and kill.(source)

3 A Canadian fan of John Lennon hopes to create a clone of the star.

John Lennon Tooth
Image credit: Nationaal Archief, consequenceofsound.net

During the mid-1960’s, John had his molar removed. He asked his housekeeper to get rid of it, but instead, she gave it as a gift to her Beatlemaniac daughter, and it was passed on from generation to generation in their family.  Later on, in 2011, this molar was auctioned for the price of $31,000 and bought by a Canadian dentist, Michael Zuk.

Zuk said in an interview: “With researchers working on ways to clone mammoths, the same technology certainly could make human cloning a reality.” Definitely, a far-fetched and dubious statement, but at least the optimism is there.(source)


4. The pope claimed that the Revolver album is the greatest pop album ever created!

The Revolver
Image credit: Wikimedia, genius.com

Despite the previous statements of the Vatican about The Beatles sending “satanic messages” through the music they produce, in the L’Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper, they answered one of the most interesting questions: “What are the pope’s favorite albums?” And many were in shock with what hit the top spot – the Revolver album actually hit the number one spot on the list.(source)

5 The first time John and George took LSD, they didn’t even know they were taking it!

John Lennon LSD
Image credit: Pixabay

It is a fact that before 1965, drugs were already a familiar substance to The Beatles, although their first encounter with LSD was quite a surprising experience. There isn’t much information on the exact date it happened, but what many people are sure of is that it occurred at the home of their dentist, John Riley. It was during at a dinner gathering when Riley sneaked LSD into their coffee without informing them about it. He had mixed LSD into the sugar cubes that were strategically lined up to be easily grabbed by the two band members. He did so in hopes that he would be able to “turn on” The Beatles.(source)

6 Paul and Pete had to be deported from Germany after an arrest because they nailed a condom to a wall and set it on fire.

Paul mccartney and pete best
Image credit: dmbeatles.com via

This little incident happened due to some unfortunate circumstances. The band was staying in a cinema that had minimal accommodation, but they had to transfer their belongings to a different room in the same venue due to the termination of their contract. Paul and Pete, being the only ones present at that time, had found it difficult to gather their things for there were no lights in the room. Using their creative and resourceful minds, they grabbed a flammable object, (some say it was a rag, wall tapestry, or a condom) and lit them to get better lighting in the room.

Luckily, there were no damages, just a small burn mark on the wall, but they were deported because of this.(source)


7 Back when John was a High school boy, he had a friend who dared him to masturbate ten times in one day.

John Lennon Young
Image credit: Quarry Bank High School via

On his first year in High School, John made friends who are into group masturbation. On their way to school, they have a routine to go to the bushes and do their ritual. They would then compare their penis sizes and shapes, then starts to work on each other to make their self-orgasm.

They have an assigned person for the day where they will focus on one member, and make their best to make him ‘happy’. They have a rotation of who will have the ‘experience’ for the day.(1, 2)

8 The band was literally present during the time George lost his virginity.

George Harrison
Image credit: Wikimedia

Each band member (except for Ringo who wasn’t around yet at that time) was in their own bunk beds and present during the unforgettable experience of George. Although they weren’t able to hear much since George and the buxom German dancer were under the covers, they were all able to hear every second of it. And as soon as George finished, all the band members applauded which George wishes they could have at least held in until morning.(source)

9 There were many things that The Beatles were known to pioneer, one of which was the use of the “devil horns” on an album cover.

The Beatles Devil Horns
Image source: rock95.com

Many don’t associate the “devil horns” to The Beatles since it is a famous sign commonly used in heavy metal music which means “You Rock!” But little do most people know that on the 1967 album cover of Yellow Submarine, the animation for it actually showed John imitating the symbol. But it didn’t last long after the release of the first cover before it got redesigned. Although, many are interpreting this as “Love” instead of “You Rock!”(source)

10 The second cover for the Yesterday and Today album was banned as soon as it was released.

Yesterday and Today
Image credit: Robert Whitaker via Wikimedia

The very controversial cover was a picture of the band wearing butcher overalls holding dismantled and bloodied-up plastic baby dolls while being surrounded by cuts of raw meat. There are two famous rumors about it. One is that it was to send a message to Capitol Records who had “butchered” their albums in the past. And two, the album was actually symbolism that the band was about to be dismembered physically. But no matter what the reason may be, Capitol Records had no choice but to force them to change the cover.(source)

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Picture 10 Bizarre Facts About the Beatles
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