10 Erotic Historical Facts That Aren’t Taught in History Class

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6 President Grover Cleveland raped a store clerk and had a bastard child. To hide his misdeed, he took the child away from the mother and sent the mother into an asylum.

Cleveland affair
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President Grover Cleveland is the only American president to serve two non-consecutive terms in office. He is also known as a courageous and pugnaciously honest statesman. However, there is a dark side of President Cleveland too, which he and his key aides lied and hid from the public. On 15 December 1873, he raped Maria Halpin, a store clerk at a department store. She became aware of her pregnancy six weeks after this incident and give birth to a boy on 14 September 1874. Later, Cleveland made some arrangement, as a result of which the son was forcibly removed from the mother, and she was sent to an asylum.

When he won the Democratic nomination for president in 1884, the media exposed the existence of his illegitimate son. As soon as this news leaked out, Cleveland’s aides started a smear campaign in which they claimed that Maria Halpin was a sexual plaything. Then, in accordance with the campaign, Cleveland took responsibility of the child as he was the only bachelor among Halpin’s numerous men.(1, 2)

7 Roman Emperor Nero favored a young boy named Sporus who he castrated and then married. Sporus would often appear in public with Nero by wearing the customary garb for a Roman Empress. 

Nero Sporus
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While most kings keep mistresses and concubines, Roman Emperor Nero took it another level by castrating a boy named Sporus and then marrying him. It is said that Sporus may have been a beautiful child slave. He was castrated in an effort to preserve his youthful qualities. Emperor Nero was already married to two women before he married Sporus. After their marriage, Sporus appeared in public as his wife and also wore the regalia customary for Roman empresses. Sporus was addressed as “Lady”, “Empress”, and “Mistress”.(source)

8 One of the greatest leaders of the Byzantine Empire, Empress Theodora, was originally an enslaved child prostitute. She married Justinian when he was just a farmer’s son. Later, when Justinian acquired the throne, Theodora became Empress Theodora.

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The life of Empress Theodora is nothing short of a fiction. When she was five years old, her father died, and her mother took her to hippodrome to make her an actress, dancer, mime, artist, and comedian. By the time she turned 15, she was the star of hippodrome along with being a child prostitute. At the age of 21, she met and married Justinian, the son of a farmer. Justinian’s uncle rose to power and acquired the throne. After his uncle’s death, Justinian became the emperor and Theodora, the empress. During her rule, Empress Theodora took many steps against sexual slavery and prostitution.(source)

9 In Ancient Greece, it was common for an old man to love and have sex with a male youth. They believed wives were for babies and male youths were for sexual pleasure, love, companionship etc.

Ancient Greece
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People of ancient Greece considered pederasty to be an ideal form of relationship. Therefore, an erotic relationship between an adult male and a younger male (usually in his teens) was socially acknowledged and accepted. Once the sexual relationship between them ends, the young man marries but keeps contact with his protegee. Sometimes, even when the young man matures, he may continue lovemaking with his old beloved.(source)

10 Catherine the Great of Russia had an erotic cabinet. It contained an amazing collection of phallic themed furniture. The walls were also covered in erotic art. 

Erotic Catherine
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Catherine II, the Empress of Russia was a flamboyant and powerful character. She was fond of handsome young men and took young lovers even in her old age. During her long life, she had a total of 22 male lovers. She even had a relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

Apart from her numerous lovers, she is well-known for her erotic cabinet. This cabinet is adjacent to her suite of rooms. The furniture has phallic shaped parts such as penises for legs of chairs. Even the walls are covered in erotic art. This room also contains statues of naked men and women.(source)

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