18 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump That You Should Know

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Picture 18 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump That You Should Know

Businessman, television personality, author, and now the Republican Party nominee for this year’s President of the United States, Donald Trump has managed to astound and astonish the world at large. He is also one of the richest people in the world and is listed in Forbes among the world’s wealthiest 500 billionaires. His political statements and views, along with his personal life and his businesses have always received considerable media attention. Now that he is running for the president, here are some interesting facts about Donald Trump that you might not have known before.

1 Trump has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which he received for the reality TV show The Apprentice. 

Donald Trump Hollywod Walk of Fame Star
Image Source: edition

Apart from being a businessman and politician, Trump is also a television personality. He produced, participated and appeared as cameos in many films and television shows. In 2003, he also became the executive producer and host of the NBC reality show called The Apprentice and later acted as host for another similar show called The Celebrity Apprentice. He hosted The Apprentice for 14 seasons, earning as much as $1 million per episode, and in 2007 received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to television.(source)

2 In 1999, Trump proposed a one-time tax of 14.25% on individuals with networth $10 million or more and claimed that it would raise $5.7 trillion which can wipe out the national debt. 

Donald Trump and Tax Plans
Image Source: postonpolitics, slate

Trump said that according to his calculations, his tax plan would burden only 1 percent of Americans who control 90 percent of the wealth, leaving the other 99 percent of the people with deep reductions on their federal income taxes. He also said that completely paying off national debt would save $200 billion a year in interest payments and that depositing $100 million annually in the Social Security trust fund would generate $3 trillion over the next 30 years.(source)


3 Trump’s hair is real. He gets his haircuts from his wife Melania. 

Donald Trump's Haircut
Image Source: giphy/ washingtonpost.com

Trump has many attention-grabbing traits, and his hairstyle is one among them. Apparently, many people have asked him about his hair and what he does to it. He told Playboy that all he does is take a shower, wash his hair, read the newspaper while it dries, comb it and spray it. He has stated that the reason his hair looks so neat all the time is because he doesn’t expose himself to outside environment, as he spends most of his time in his limousine, private jet, helicopter, or his private club, and that the only time he is outside is when he plays golf. And according to what he said to Playboy, his wife gives him his haircuts.(source)

4 Trump was a registered Democrat between 2001 and 2009.

Trump Democrat 2001 -2009
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Trump has been thinking about being in the politics since as far back as 1987, when he enrolled as a Republican with the Board of Elections. In 1999, he changed to the Independence Party because he was thinking of running for President as a Reform Party candidate in 2000. Again in August 2001, he made another switch to being a Democrat, because he has many friends who are Democrats and that most of the politicians he knew are Democrats. In 2009, he again switched back to being a Republican stating that Republican Party is where his heart is.(source)


5 SPY Magazine once sent some of the world’s richest people checks of 13 cents to see who would cash them. The only people to do so were an arms dealer and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Spy Magazine's 13 Cents Check
Image Source: fusion

Published between the years 1986 and 1998, Spy Magazine was a satirical magazine, whose writers had an interesting idea to prank the rich in 1990. So they created a fully funded and incorporated company called National Refund Clearinghouse and opened a checking account. Then they sent a check of $1.11 to 58 well-known people such as Cher, Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump. Of the 58, only 26 cashed the check. They repeated the experiment with $0.64 to these 26 people, and only 13 of them cashed. Then they sent these 13 people checks for $0.13, and this time it was only 2 people – a Saudi Arabian arms dealer called Adnan Khashoggi and, of course, Donald Trump.(source)

6 Trump once tried to trademark the phrase “You’re fired!”

Trump Game - You're Fired
Image Source: boardgamegeek

Trump is closely associated with a reality TV show called The Apprentice in which the contestants take part in challenges in order to get a chance to work under American billionaires. In the show, Trump dismisses some of the contestants using the phrase “You’re fired!”, which he intended to use in his games and casinos. The game he released called “Trump, the Game” has a tag that says “I’m back and you’re fired!” According to US Patent and Trademark Office website, he even filed a trademark application for the phrase.(source)

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Picture 18 Interesting Facts About Donald Trump That You Should Know
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