23 Unusual Coincidences from the Past That are Literally Mind-blowing!

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7 A man named was struck by lightning 3 times in his life. After his death, his gravestone was also struck by lightning.

Walter Summerford
Image Source: tribunnews

Though hundreds of lightning occurs every day all over the world, being struck by one of them is definitely not a pleasant experience. Major Walter Summerford was a sportsman who was struck by lightning three times when he was alive and a fourth time on his grave. Another man named Roy Sullivan, a park ranger who spent most of his working time outdoors, was struck by lightning seven times.(source)

8 In Detroit in the 1930s, a baby fell from a high window and landed on a man who was passing the street below. The baby and the man both survived the incident. A year later, the SAME baby fell from the SAME window and landed on the SAME man, and they both survived. 

Joseph Figlock
Image Source: oddee

Joseph Figlock, the man in question, was walking down the street that day when the baby fell. Luckily for the baby, the fall was broken and it survived the fall. The first fall is a lucky coincidence by itself, and the second fall and survival is probably just one of those things that must have happened in real life because they are too damn unbelievable even for a work of fiction.(source)


9 Enzo Ferrari, founder of Ferrari, died in 1988. Footballer Mesut Özil was born in 1988, and looks just like Ferrari. 

Enzo Ferrari and Mesut Ozil
Image Source: silodrome, mesutoezil

The similarities are just uncanny, and the fact that Ferrari died the same year as Mesut was born is just the mother of all coincidences. Enzo Ferrari, as everyone knows, was the founder of the Italian sports car line, a race driver and also founded the Scuderia Grand Prix motor racing team. Mesut, on the other hand, is a German national team player and Arsenal Club player.(source)

10 A man received the heart of a suicide victim, married his widow, and years later killed himself on the same day the donor did.

Sonny Graham
Image Source: cbsnews

Sonny Graham, who was director of the Heritage Golf Tournament at Sea Pines, was on the verge of a congestive heart failure when the heart of a suicide victim was transplanted. Feeling grateful for the heart, he wrote letters to the donor’s widow which turned into love and then marriage. At 69, he shot himself in the throat, as his donor had also done to kill himself. (source)


11 In 1975, a 17 year old boy was killed while riding his moped. He was killed exactly a year after his 17 year old brother was killed while riding the same moped, at the same intersection, by the same taxi, with the same driver, carrying the same passenger.

Twin Tragedy - Erskine Lawrence and Neville Ebbin
Image Source: skeptics, Wikipedia Commons

Erskine Lawrence and Neville Ebbin were two brothers from Hamilton, Bermuda, born a year apart. Both were 17 when they died after colliding with the same taxi, driven by the same driver and carrying the same passenger. The two cases were different only by being a year apart. This is one of the best examples of bizarre coincidences.(source)

12 In 1903, when William West arrived at Leavenworth prison, the clerk insisted that he was here before, only to find out that there was another man called William West who looked exactly like him serving in the same prison. Since then, fingerprints are used to identify people. 

William West and William West
Image Source: blackamericaweb

Considering how many people are born everyday and the population of the world, it is not impossible to have someone with similar features and the same name as well. The similarities between the two prisoners were so uncanny that even the second William West was shocked how his picture got in the register when he had never been to Leavenworth before. Until then something called Bertillion measurements were used to identify people and after this fingerprints were a more accepted means for accuracy.(source)

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Picture 23 Unusual Coincidences from the Past That are Literally Mind-blowing!
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