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24 Uber-Cool Facts about ‘South Park’ That You Probably Never Knew

19. The term “derp” was coined by the show’s creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone who used it to mean “a stupid joke that you could see a mile away” in reference to Rob Schneider’s movies.

Trey Parker's and Matt Stone's Mr. Derp
Image Source: southpark

The episode features a few fictional Rob Schneider trailers all with a similar plot involving a man transforming into many things including a woman, an animal, a stapler or a carrot. Almost everything spoken in those trailers was gibberish and word “derp” was used in one of them.(source)


20. In the episode “Chinpokomon”, the word chipokomon was derived from “chinpoko”, a vulgar Japanese word for penis, and mon meaning monster. The episode was made as a parody of the Japanese Pokémon series.

Image Source: southparkdigital

In the episode, the children were influenced by the Japanese show Chinpokomon, some of whom plan to attend the show’s official camp. The camp was, in fact, an attempt by the Japanese government to brainwash and recruit the children as soldiers to attack on Pearl Harbor. The adult men in the show were distracted from these proceedings using flattery.(source)


21. Throughout South Park franchise, Kenny died and came back to life 103 times, including over 80 times in the series.

Kenny's Deaths
Image Source: newtonew

Kenny’s deaths are a running gag in South Park. Only a few episodes do not feature his deaths. The deaths are always portrayed in the most excruciating manner and are different each time.(source)

22. The characters Terrance and Phillip, voiced by Matt Stone and Trey Parker themselves, were created in response to the criticism that the show was full of “fart jokes”.

Terrance and Phillip
Image Source: animatedtv

23. The song “Chocolate Salty Balls” featuring Chef reached No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart.

The song was written by Trey Parker and the lyrics contain the recipe of Chef’s “chocolate salty balls” and the lines, “Say, everybody, have you seen my balls/they’re big and salty and brown/if you ever need a quick pick-me-up/just stick my balls in your mouth”.(source)

24. Cartman’s promiscuous mother, Liane, was named after Trey’s ex-fiancée whom he caught cheating with another man. 

Cartman's promiscuous mother, Liane
Image Source: giphy

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