A Present Day Couple Captured In a Photograph 15 Years Before They Had Even Met at Disneyland- A tale of Sensational Odds.

A 30-year old picture captured at Disney World features a present day couple. The two kids in the photograph visited Disneyland with their respective families. Their families did not know about each other and were living in different countries.

Alex and Donna Voutsinas, a present day couple just couldn’t believe what fate had in store for them. This couple was present at the same place at the same time in Disney World thirty (30) years  ago. A family picture of little Donna captured Alex in a stroller carried by his father in the background.

To their surprise, the couple realized this eight (8) years ago while looking at their old snapshots barely a week before their marriage. In one of the Donna’s picture captured in 1980, Alex noticed his father’s white tuft and distinct jet black hair. Donna was five (5) years old at that time while Alex was just three (3). Alex was being pushed down in a stroller by his father in Donna’s picture.

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Alex’s mother took out the albums of their Disney Trip and noticed that Alex’s father was wearing the same outfit as the one in Donna’s picture. Alex’s other pictures from the same trip confirmed that the boy in the background was Alex only.

Alex and Donna met 15 years ago. Alex, a dual Canadian-U.S. citizen, moved to Florida with his family of Hoteliers at the age of 10. Donna moved south from Long Island, New York. They both were working in the same hotel in Boca Raton when they fell in love. They dated for around six years and then got married. 



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