20 Eye-Opening Medical Facts That You Should Keep in Your Mind

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11 French scientists have developed macroporous calcium phosphate which is self-setting and injectable to repair bones, treat defects and Osteoporosis.

Macroporous Injectable CPC
Image Source: medibid, rsc

Earlier, bone repairs were done using Calcium Phosphate Cement (CPC) that can be injected and assist in bone regeneration. CPC is biocompatible and microporous. However, for a quicker bone regeneration and to treat osteoporosis effectively by reinforcing cancellous bone the cement has to have more porosity. It used to be a bit of a challenge until they tried mixing CPC with a biocompatible hydrogel to make it macroporous. The foam, so far, has been tested only on rabbits suggesting that there is a possibility, with further testing, to use it effectively in treating bone related problems.(1, 2)

12 Using paper towels to dry your hands decreases bacterial count by 45 to 60 percent whereas using a hand dryer increases it by 255 percent.

Paper Towels and Air Dryers
Image Source: dailytech, telegraph

When researchers tried to count the number of bacteria in both cases they were in for a surprise. When hands are dried using a dryer, there is no guarantee that whatever bacteria is on your hand would go for sure, especially if they are poorly washed. Whereas when you use a paper or cloth towel, the force and friction is likely to dislodge and remove the bacteria from your hands. Most times this is not a problem because the surface of our skin contains quite a lot of them and our immune system is equipped to deal with it. They also, in a way, act as a protective barrier preventing other harmful bacteria from staying on the skin.(source)


13 Yet again, after 1,800 studies, Australian scientists have concluded that Homeopathy is ineffective.

Homeopathy Medicine
Image Source: independent

The battle between Homeopathy and Allopathy has been ongoing since ages. There have been many studies and instances in which researchers have concluded that the concept of “like cures like” and using diluted solutions don’t work. This study is so far the most extensive of them all. The Head of National Health and Medical Research Council has expressed hope that these findings will change the way Australia’s health insurance works.(source)


14 According to a study, after being infected by Flu people become socially more active. The change in behavior is in response to the virus trying to find more hosts to infect.

Flu Makes You Sociable
Image Source: pioneerthinking

The behavior of participants after being infected is compared to their behavior 48 hours prior. The participants reported to have interacted with significantly more number of people than they had before they were infected. The researchers hope that the findings will help advance their understanding of evolution.(source)

15 In a trial conducted at Imperial College in London, scientists have found that the hallucinogenic chemical found in magic mushrooms could successfully treat severe depression.

Magic Mushrooms For Depression
Image Source: theodysseyonline, news.health.com

Psilocybin, a chemical found in magic mushrooms, is believed to alleviate depression by targeting and disrupting the parts of brain such as the overactive Default Mode Network that responsible for the sense of self in people suffering from depression. According to scientists, psychedelic mushrooms also have a kind of spiritual awakening effect and could have also been the reason for treating depression.(source)

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