20 Eye-Opening Medical Facts That You Should Keep in Your Mind

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6 Recent research has shown that wearing skinny jeans might cause damage to the nerves and muscles in the legs, especially so when you squat in them for prolonged periods of time.
Skinny Jeans
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Wearing skinny jeans is very common among those who are fashion conscious. However, they are not as attractive when it comes to health. Researchers have found that skinny jeans can cause twisted testicles in men. Wearing tight trousers can also increase heartburn as it puts pressure on the stomach. One woman developed a condition called Compartment Syndrome wherein her legs had swollen inwards as there was no room to do so outwards. As it also decreases air circulation, people with Urinary Tract Infections are advised to avoid them as well. (source)

7 It is possible for people to die in the next 24 hours after drowning even though there are no signs of trouble. The water left in the lungs can overpower the victim, making it hard to breathe and eventually killing him or her.

Dry Drowning
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The victims of ‘dry drowning’ or dying after 24 hours of submersion are most often children. There are usually no signs or symptoms except that the victim might exhibit tiredness, difficulty in breathing and changes in behavior. The symptoms are hard to spot as children might not know to pinpoint the problem. There was an incident in South Carolina when Johnny Jackson, a 10-year-old, died an hour after swimming. He didn’t exhibit any symptoms and walked back home with his mother and went to sleep. When his mother went to check on him, she noticed something was wrong and rushed him to hospital, but it was too late.(source)


8 Sunburn doesn’t cause damage to your skin cells – it actually damages the DNA of your skin cells.

Sunburn Due to DNA Damage
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The UV radiation in sunlight can mess up your DNA by modifying its structure. The cells, however, are quite capable of repairing the damage and restoring normality. Some skin cells that cannot repair themselves, die. That is what happens when your skin peels off after a sunburn. It is the dead skin cells. When the damage is too extensive, and the skin cells can neither repair themselves nor die, it becomes the cancer we know as Melanoma.(source)


9 Sleeping for less than seven hours can increase your mortality rate. It is also associated with many health problems including obesity, diabetes, stroke and other psychological problems.

Sleep Deprivation and Brain
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Sleep doesn’t just ruin your health; it also can ruin your personal and professional life. It is no secret that not getting enough sleep can decrease efficiency and productivity and can result in reduced alertness causing errors and accidents at work. Sleep is essential for the body to heal and without getting enough of it, the body becomes vulnerable and will be at risk of contracting diseases.(source)

10 CPR can be performed to the beats of the Bee Gees’ classic “Stayin’ Alive”. The song has a beat that is 100 beats per minute which is the same rate recommended by the American Heart Association.

CPR and Bee Gees
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Another such song with the right beat for CPR is Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”. According to Dr. Alson S. Inaba, a pediatric emergency physician, the songs are prefect way to administer CPR. So if you are learning CPR, you might want to give the songs a try.(source)

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