26 Crazy Incidents and Facts about Pokémon GO that Prove Pokémania is Taking Over the World

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20 A Pokémon Go player in Missouri says he was stabbed but kept playing until he caught the Pokémon he was looking for.

A guy was stabbed while playing Pokemon Go
Image credit: FOX12(source)

According to Fox 12, Michael Baker went to Forest Groove, Oregon, to catch Pokémon when he met another man who he thought was here for the same reason. After Baker was stabbed by the man, he said he waited until he could finish his game before going to the hospital.(source)

21 The app was criticized by many for using museums and cemeteries as locations to catch Pokémon. Several public service departments are also asking the players not to impede their work. 

Holocaust Museum
Image source: recknews.com

Places such as Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Dutch company ProRail and the fire stations were said to have had unpleasant experiences and wanted things changed. In Rhodes, a suburb in Sydney, the residents were so fed up with such large number of players in their area that they threw waterbombs at them.(source)


22 There is a new dating service for Pokemon Go players called “PokéDates”. The service matches users based on a questionnaire and then coordinates a time and a PokéStop to meet at.

Image source: nintendonews.com

To find a PokéMate, the user has to register on Project Fixup, a dating service that focuses on encouraging people to date offline rather than sitting in front of a computer or with a phone. To find a PokéMate you have to select the preferred type of dates as PokéDates. It then requires you to answer a few questions about yourself, what you seek and your Pokémon Go schedule. The rest is simply showing up on time.(1, 2)

23 Pokémon Go Plus, a peripheral for Pokémon Go players, lets you play the game without having to look at your screen.

Pokémon Go Plus wristbands
Image source: www.theverge.com

The little device connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth. Whenever you are close to a PokéStop it blinks and vibrates. You can also press the button to look for PokéStops or items. The Pokémon Go Plus even lets you catch a Pokémon by throwing a Poké Ball when you press the button. It can be carried in your pocked or you can wear it as a wristband. The peripheral is set to release by the end of July and mid-August in UK.(1, 2, 3)


24 Pictures of Syrian children holding sketches of Pokémon that say “I am here, come and save me” have been circulating on the internet. 

Syrian children holding Pokemons
Image Source: geo.tv, sbtv

The game certainly seems to have generated many kinds of responses all over the world. While one side of the world is finding excitement and entertainment the other side is mired in suffering. And Pokémon Go is helping bridge the gap between the two by encouraging people to be more empathetic to the cause.

According to a spokesperson of Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office (RFS) told The Independent, the images of the children are meant to create awareness about those who are suffering because of the bombings.(source)

25 Moscow is planning on making a new app that catches historical figures, just like Pokémon Go. 

Moscow pokemon-style game
Image source: wikipedia

Moscovites have found inspiration in Pokémon Go and came up with an idea of upgrading an existing app to incorporate augmented reality. The app, that would be released in August, will feature historical figures geomarked across the city. When the users reach 50 meters near the spot they can see and “fix” the virtual historical personality on the app. The authorities hope it would generate a renewed public interest in the historical and cultural aspects of Russia, as well as encourage them to walk more through the city.(source)

26 Even Beyoncé couldn’t distract Pokémon Go players. A woman was caught on video playing the game right beside the stage the singer was performing on. 


It happened in a recent tour in Europe where the Beyoncé was singing “Me, Myself and I”. The fan taking the video was heard screaming “This b*tch is playing Pokemon! She’s playing Pokemon while Beyoncé’s singing!” The world is so swept away by the game that even Rihanna had to tell her audience “I don’t want to see you catching any Pokémons up in this b*tch.”(source)

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