26 Crazy Incidents and Facts about Pokémon GO that Prove Pokémania is Taking Over the World

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13 Texas A&M opened up its football stadium for Pokémon Go players to avoid trespassing. In over two hours the stadium was filled with 1,600 players. 

Texas A&M opened for Pokemon Go players
Image source: twitter/@darrenrovel

University of Nebraska has followed the lead and opened its Memorial Stadium as well for two hours for the players. Considering all the trespassing problems that have become prevalent this move has come as a welcome for the players.(source)

14 A bus in New York takes Pokémon players to Pokestops for $0.99, gyms for $24.99 and $49.99 for egg-hatching.

Pokémon GO bus found in NYC
Image credit: instagram/sorryaboutyourcats

Going with the spirit of Pokémon, the bus is painted to look like Pikachu. It even provides charging stations for the phones and requires consent to board it after 11.30 PM for the players who are below 18. For those who are too lazy to even take the bus, there are ads on Craiglist posted by people who would walk instead for payment.(source)


15 Pokémon Go is pushing the sales of small and local businesses to incredible proportions. 

Pokemon Go helping local business
Image source

All they have to do set up lures at their place of business and wait. Lures are a way to attract Pokémon for a certain amount of time. You could buy them online and use them near Pokestops. What lures the Pokémon also lures the players who are looking to catch them, ergo blooming business for those near it.

There was an instance in which a Reddit user and his girlfriend threw a lure in an empty bar. Within 10 minutes over a dozen people poured in to catch the Pokémon and buy drinks.(source)

16 In San Diego, two men fell down a cliff while playing Pokémon Go.

two men fell down a cliff
Image source: www.mirror.co.uk

Pokémon Go has also managed to get people into trouble. According NBC, San Diego Lifeguards reported about two men who fell of a cliff in North County. The Encinitas Fire Department were able to find one around 80 or 90 feet down the cliff and the second one 50 feet down, unconscious. The two men were taken to the hospital and were believed to have consumed alcohol when the incident happened.(source)

17 A teenager was struck by a car and injured her collarbone while crossing the road while playing the game. 

A teenager injured while playing Pokemon Go
Image source: fox6now.com

The 15-year-old girl after hearing about the game asked her mother for her phone to play. At around 5 o’clock in the evening, which was rush hour, she came to a major highway to cross when the accident happened. She was hospitalized with injured collarbone and foot along with many cuts and bruises.(source)


18 Two teenagers almost caused an international incident when they were apprehended after accidentally crossing US-Canada border while playing Pokémon Go. 

Pokemon Go players crossed border
Image source: gamerant.com

According to the agents who made the arrest, the teenagers were so “captivated by the game that they lost track of where they were”. The agents were able to quickly determine that it was unintentional and contacted their mother who was close by on the Canadian side of the border.(source)

19 A man was caught cheating by his girlfriend when she saw that he caught a Pokémon at his ex-girlfriend’s house. 

A man found his girlfriend cheating on him with Pokemon Go
Photo: Christopher Sadowski; Facebook

Pokémon Go involves catching virtual Pokémon that appear in the real world, and the locations are recorded on the phone to help the user find them. Evan Scribner made the mistake of playing the game after spending time with his ex-girlfriend canoodling. Later his girlfriend saw on his phone that he caught the Pokémon while he was at his ex’s home, which led to the break-up.(source)

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Picture 26 Crazy Incidents and Facts about Pokémon GO that Prove Pokémania is Taking Over the World
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