28 Iconic Pictures and Facts About The Life of Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali

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8 Aerial view of Muhammad Ali’s knockout of Cleveland Williams, in 1966.
Muhammad Ali's knockout of Cleveland Williams
Image courtesy: Neil Leifer(taken from)

9 Muhammad Ali blows out the candles on a cake baked for his 25th birthday, Jan. 17, 1967.

25th birthday Muhammad Ali
Image courtesy: AP Photo/Ed Kolenovsky (taken from)

The cake, weighing 578 1/2 pounds, was presented to Ali as he started the day’s training in Houston. Fifteen hundred eggs, 150 pounds each of flour, sugar and butter were used in the making of the cake.(source)

10 Muhammad Ali in a match with Brian London in 1966. His punches were so swift that his opponents often did not register what hit them (literally) until it was too late. 

ali with london
image source: youtube.com

11 Heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali and his bride, Veronica Porsche.

Ali and his wife
Image courtesy: AP Photo/stf (taken from)

Muhammad Ali and his bride, Veronica Porsche posing for photographers on their wedding day, June 19, 1977 in Los Angeles.(source)


12 Muhammad Ali in 1972, engaging in a play-fight with two Irish policemen. Although intimidating and formidable in the ring, Ali was known for his easy-going demeanour everywhere else.

ali with the garda
image source: mirror.co.uk

13 Cassius Clay (not Muhammad Ali yet) training in a pool at the Sir John Hotel in Miami, 1961.

ali underwater
image courtesy: Flip Schulke / aliunderwater.com

14 Ali standing outside the federal courthouse in Houston, after being stripped of his world heavyweight title and boxing licence for refusing to be inducted into the United States Army; 1967. 

Muhammad Ali
image courtesy: Bettmann / CORBIS

Muhammad Ali was drafted into the Army but refused to join due to religious reasons. He was arrested on charges of draft evasion on April 28th, sentenced to five years in prison and fined heftily ($10,000). His licence was suspended for three years, and Ali did not fight from the ages of 25 and 28.(source)

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Picture 28 Iconic Pictures and Facts About The Life of Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali
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