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24 Wild Facts About “The Jungle Book” That Every Disney Fan Will Love!

7. Over 1,000 remote jungle locations in India were photographed to be used as references for rendering the CGI locations.

 Jungle locations in India
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8. In this film, King Louie is a gigantopithecus whereas in the original movie he is portrayed as an orangutan. The gigantopithecus is an ancestor of the orangutan and this change in species was made to make the film more accurate since orangutans are not native to India.

jungle book
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9. Since actor Neel Sethi who plays Mowgli had never worked with real animals, director Jon Favreau would occasionally stand in for where the animals would be present.

Jon and Neel on set
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10. A combination of live action and motion capture was used, meaning that they had to shoot two films separately. Two separate stages were used to the actors could be wheeled in and out on short notice.

live action and motion captur
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11. Ben Kingsley described Bagheera as a military character: “He’s probably a colonel, he is instantly recognizable by the way he talks, how he acts and what his ethical code is.”

Ben Kingsley
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12. This is the first time that Kaa the Snake is portrayed as a female, rather than a male.

Scar Jo Kaa
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Jon Favreau revealed that the change was deliberate because he felt there were not enough female characters in the 1967 version of the movie.(source)


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