15 Interesting, Little-Known Facts About Your Favourite Movies That You Probably Never Knew

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Picture 15 Interesting, Little-Known Facts About Your Favourite Movies That You Probably Never Knew

Every movie well, almost every movie you have seen has interesting anecdotes behind it. Sometimes surpassing the movie itself. Whether it was the shocking accident where Brad Pitt was almost incinerated when shooting “Inglourious Basterds” or about Shia LaBeouf pulling out his own teeth or slashing his face with a blade for his role in “Fury.” There are several such not so commonly known facts scattered about through the portals of Hollywood. Here are 15 such gems carefully picked for your reading pleasure.

1 Christopher Nolan actually grew 500 acres of corn for the cornfield scene in “Interstellar.”

Interstellar - corn field
Image Source: youtube

Interstellar is an epic science fiction movie directed by Christopher Nolan. A scene in Interstellar required cornfields. Nolan did not want to use graphics. Christopher Nolan chose to grow corn in a 500-acre field. He learned that it was viable from his producing of the Man of Steel. The corn was harvested and sold. Nolan actually made a profit from the sales.(source)

2 Nolan refused to make “Inception” in 3D effect. He felt 3D would distract the viewer’s from the storytelling experience of the movie. well thank you Nolan!

Image Source: giphy

Nolan wrote the movie Inception in addition to writing it. When asked about the plot. Nolan would cryptically describe  it as contemporary Sci-fi thriller  set within the architecture of the mind. Wally Pfister, the cinematographer of Inception said that the executives of Warner Brothers went to Nolan with an idea of making Inception in 3D format. Nolan after hearing them out, rejected their suggestion stating that the 3D format would disturb the story telling experience of Inception.(source)

3 James Cameron who had lost his savings and was living in his car sold the “Terminator”rights for a dollar in return for the director’s chair.

James Cameron Terminator
Image Source: terminator.wikia

James Cameron was an unknown quantity who was directing an Italian horror movie, Piranha II, in 1980. It was during the filming of the underfunded Piranha that the idea of Terminator came to him in a dream. Cameron knew straight away that he had a gold mine in his hand. But being a realist, he realized that the movie set in the future would be too expensive. Instead of setting the story in the future, Cameron decided to bring the robot to the present. Fired with enthusiasm, Cameron completed the screenplay for the movie. He was highly inspired by Harlan Ellison’s short stories, “The demon with a glass hand” and “Soldier.” He merged these two stories with the themes of two other books and created the full-fledged screenplay of Terminator.

Finances were tight and Cameron was basically living in his car. But he knew this was his ticket to big things and he wanted to direct the movie. Cameron approached numerous production houses who liked the script but refused to hand the director’s baton to Cameron. In the end, he sold his script to producer Gale Anne Hurd and the director’s chair was his.(source)


4 The time machine in “Back to the Future” was originally designed as a refrigerator. But concern about kids locking themselves inside the refrigerator while replaying the scene at their home prompted the makers to change the plan. 

Back to the future
Image Source: giphy

Writer and producer Bob Gale came up with the idea of “Back to the Future” after he visited his parents in St. Louis. Gale found his father’s high school yearbook and realized his father was the president of his graduating class. He began to wonder whether he would have been friends with his father had he met him at school. Gale shared this idea with Robert Zemeckis, filmmaker, and screenwriter.

The duo set the story in 1955 and flavored the film with important cultural influences from that period. In an earlier draft, the time machine was made out of the refrigerator but was  changed when they thought young kids might trap themselves inside the fridge while replicating the scene.(source)

5 Yoda, the legendary character from “Star Wars” was partly based on Yoda’s make-up artist and partly based on the renowned physicist Albert Einstein.

Einstein yoda
Image Source: out-the-box.fr

Yoda was a legendary Jedi master who taught Luke Skywalker. The Jedi Master was stronger than the most in connection with the force. Although of short stature, he was wise and powerful. When Stuart Freeborn was given the task to create a short, powerful Jedi. He chose to model the Jedi on himself!

When Freeborn modeled himself and began sculpting Yoda. He gave Yoda, his bald head, pointed chin and lots of wrinkles. According to Freeborn, the only thing that was not his was the upper lip. Freeborn removed the famous mustache of Albert Einstein and ported it onto Yoda’s face. The move was meant to initiate a subconscious association with Einstein, who was known for his intelligence thus guaranteeing that Yoda would be instantly accepted as an intelligent being despite his unimpressive look.(source)

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Picture 15 Interesting, Little-Known Facts About Your Favourite Movies That You Probably Never Knew
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