15 Facts About Love You Shouldn’t Miss, If You Have Ever Been In Love!

by Maanya Sachdeva9 years ago
Picture 15 Facts About Love You Shouldn’t Miss, If You Have Ever Been In Love!

Love is a mystery. A thrilling, confusing and exhilarating mystery that has left all of us tongue-tied and googly-eyed at some point in our lives. Described by most as being an inexplicable feeling, love continues to dumbfound us.

Well, not anymore. Here are 15 facts about love that will set the record straight. Take notes, because this is why you can’t eat, why you’re still up at night reading his texts and even why you’re in love with the idea of love.

1Your hearts’ literally beat together! 

hearts' literally beat together
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A study conducted at UC Davis found that people in romantic relationships co-regulate or change their heart rates to match their partner’s. The experiment called for 32 heterosexual couples to gaze into their significant other’s eyes for three minutes. When the heart rates of each couple were monitored, researchers discovered that their hearts were synchronized and beating at the same pace!(source)

2 Brain scans show that being in love evokes the same euphoric feeling as being on cocaine, in human beings. 

Brain in love
Image source: www.slate.com

Further, it increases the levels of dopamine in your body. A primary neurotransmitter, dopamine influences mood, reward and motivation.(source)

It seems that love really is the best drug.

3 Scientific research has shown that being in love reduces your productivity.

Love reduces your productivity
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Researcher Henk van Steenbergen analyzed 43 couples in new relationships (less than six months) and found that “high levels of passionate love of individuals in the early stage of a romantic relationship are associated with reduced cognitive control.”(source)

At least you know who to blame the incessant procrastination on, now.

4 Each new love interest could cost you two close friends, a study conducted at Oxford University found. 

Love cost you two close friends
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A new relationship, in addition to taking up all the space in your head, eats away into your free time as well. In fact, you may find that newfound love puts considerable strain on your friendships.

Researchers at Oxford University have found that falling in love often results in losing two close friends, so that you are able to accommodate your partner within your inner core of peeps.(source)

5 Recent studies have shown that when you fall in love,  the brain releases the same combination of neurotransmitters and hormones that are released by amphetamines.

love drug
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Side effects may include an increased heart rate, loss of appetite, the inability to fall asleep and intense excitement.(source)

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Picture 15 Facts About Love You Shouldn’t Miss, If You Have Ever Been In Love!
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