There is a company that is ready to pay you $12,000 for travelling and drinking beer all summer. Here is all you need to know about it!

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Picture There is a company that is ready to pay you $12,000 for travelling and drinking beer all summer. Here is all you need to know about it!

What if a company offers you to give you beers for travelling around the world? If that wasn’t weird enough, what if it additionally offers to pay for the travel and lodging expense as well? And that’s not all. Apart from the benefits described above, you are also paid for doing all these.

An American chain of tavern called World of Beer, based in Florida, is looking for 3 such people as summer interns.

World of Beer
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They call it “the internship of a lifetime” (which is true indeed). The interns will need to spend four months of their summer going to various breweries and taverns across the country, and share their experience on various social platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Vines and all.

This job is stated as a social media intern and named as Drink it Intern.

The eligibility criteria, apart from being a super beer-enthusiastic, are: you need to be 21 years old by March 1, 2016, and be a resident of US. But you can still work if you have a work permit.

world of beer intern
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Recently, a spokeswoman of the company added further that if you are authorized to work in the US, you can still apply for it.

World of Beer will be paying you $12,000 for your work which is not a joke at all when you compare that number to the average American salary in 2015 which was around $3,769. And this is not even a full time job!

You just need to fill out a basic form, and upload one minute video of yours describing why you are the perfect candidate for the Drink it Intern. All the applicants are required to submit their application on their website. Alternatively, you can also attend one of the in-person interviews which are being organized in various places, details of which are also listed on their website.


The deadline for online application is 26th March and you can get to work by 4th of  April.

The finalist will be then chosen by 28th of March followed by a final interview. After that 3 lucky people can start on their adventure.

The internship is going to last the whole summer. So probably the best way for someone to spend their summer holidays, and on top of that, get paid for it too.

Why the company is doing so?

500+ Beers
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As we all know, everything happens for a reason. Americans love beer. The consumption rate is about 21 gallons per capita in in 2012. So the American beer industry is highly competitive. It is in fact a $252.2 billion industry according to a study at the Beer Institute, and is expected to grow.

This is a kind of publicity stunt performed by World of Beer to get better branding, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Coupled with the fact that the internet and social media user base is growing at a rapid pace, targeting ustomers through this channel will definitely be a great option.

So overall, the company wants to increase its fan base on various social platforms through these group of interns.

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Picture There is a company that is ready to pay you $12,000 for travelling and drinking beer all summer. Here is all you need to know about it!
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