15 Disturbing Facts About Soda You Really Need To Know

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5 The high quantities of plastic soda bottles manufactured have been known as major contributor in the death of birds; These birds mistake the plastic with food and eat them but since it cannot be digested, birds starve to death.

Plastic in soda bottles causes birds to starve to death
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In 2009, Chris Jordan, an environmentalist and photographer, visited the Midway Atoll area in sand island, U.S. The area is known for plastic sewage and Jordan observed that the plastic caps in the soda bottle were present in abundance. These and other forms of plastic are eaten by the birds and since the plastic cannot be digested, it starves the birds to death. Besides birds, sea turtles, and other wildlife were found to have received the same fate after consuming the copious amount of plastic present there. Chris Jordan clicked photographs to depict the environmental hazard that non-bio degradable items have had been creating.(source)


4 Consumption of soda increases the overall weight since one 330ml can of Coke contains around 160 calories; Even diet soda does not guarantee weight loss since its artificial sugar triggers the need for actual sugar.

Soda consumption leads to weight gain
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Frequent consumption of carbonated beverages has been known to run counter to weight loss efforts. This is because one single can of coke around 160 calories. With this logic, if we assume that a person consumes a can of soda each day for a month, it totals to 4800 extra calories every month or 1.4lbs. To go further, it is 57,600 extra calories or 16.8lbs.

Diet soda, as opposed to popular belief, do not completely help in maintaining a constant weight. This was proved in a research by the University of Texas Health Science Center wherein the researchers observed that people who drank 2 or more cans of diet soda had their waist increased by six times when compared with the ones who did not consume soda at all. Another explanation is that since diet soda uses artificial sugar, it confuses the body with real sugar as a result, produces a stimuli through which body craves for real sugar. Therefore, a person drinking diet soda is more likely to binge eat something sugary.(source)

3 If you are thirsty, grab a bottle of water instead of a soda bottle; This is because a soft drink does not hydrate you as much as water since its caffeine content has diuretic property through which you urinate more often than not.

Soda does not hydrate you
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Carbonated drinks have been known to contain caffeine, sugar, sodium as the main ingredients. When you feel thirsty, it is advisable to drink a bottle of water instead of a can of soda since the caffeine that is present in the soft drink has diuretic properties-which means that it triggers frequent urination though which water is removed from your body. Besides caffeine, sodium which is also present in the drink makes you thirstier. Due to this, it triggers a craving for a second can of soda and the cycle repeats.(source)


2 The caffeine quantity present in soft drinks leads to migraine when soft drinks are frequently consumed; This is because regular caffeine intake constricts a blood vessel in brain therefore when caffeine intake is stopped, intense headache erupts due to dilation of the same blood vessel.

Caffeine in soda leads to migraine upon heavy consumption
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Frequent headaches or the ones associated with Migraine have been associated with heavy consumption of caffeine that is a popular ingredient in almost all of the aerated drinks. When you are regularly drinking a soda or a coffee, the caffeine interacts with your body by constricting a blood vessel in your brain. The body adjusts to this effect, therefore, when you stop drinking a soft drink or other sources of caffeine, the same blood vessel dilates too much that triggers a painful headache or a migraine.

Although caffeine has been used to treat mild headaches since it blocks adenosine receptors but a heavy dose of it leads to a dependency on its frequent intake that defeats its initial purpose of curing.(source)

1 Phosphoric acid present in soda when taken in excessive quantity is known to cause a lower bone density in soda drinkers.

Soda and Osteoporosis
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Researchers at Tufts University, conducted a study on several thousands men and women who regularly drank cola-based sodas — three or more a day and found that people who were consuming cola drinks had a 4% lower bone density than the ones drinking non-cola beverages. This was linked to the excessive consumption of Phosphoric acid that contains phosphorus-  a bone mineral which when taken into disproportionate amount in comparison with calcium leads to bone loss. Another ingredient that was associated with the low bone mass is Caffeine that is mostly present in the cola drinks.(source)

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