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Invisible Bank Robber Redefines Dumbness.

In Iran, a man fell prey to the common trick of overpowering one’s mind using superstition, manipulation and placing faith. A bogus conjurer wooed a man, encouraging his shortcuts of becoming rich by making him believe that with an enchantment of certain holy words he had vanished. Now, he could rob as much as he wants to satiate his greed.

Believing in the faux augurer, the man entered a bank to make his dreams come true. Presuming that people would wonder how things are being snatched, he started grabbing the money from the crowd ,although none of this happened and in fact people hold caught of the poor deceptive and handed him over to the Tehran police which is now searching for these escape artists.

The unfortunate burglar paid 5 million Rials which is approximately €290 or 390$ to the sorcerer and in return got certain spells to tie on his arm with a convention of going invisible and a conviction with free stay in jail. 

He told state-run newspaper Jam-e Jam: ‘I made a mistake. I understand now what a big trick was played on me.’

Hope he does not try to get invisible in the clink now.


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