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Earth then and now: Spectacular transformation of Earth over the years caught by NASA

7. McCarty Glacier, Alaska. July, 1909 — August, 2004

McCarty Glacier, Alaska
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A tidewater glacier, McCarty Glacier has retreated approximately 20km between the period of the pictures.


8. The Dasht River, Pakistan, August, 1999 — June, 2011. 

The Dasht River, Pakistan,
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The Dasht River is prone to flooding during the rainfall. Mirani Dam built across Dasht utilizes excess water by supplying clean drinking water and power in the surrounding areas. The water is also used for irrigation purpose.

9. Matterhorn Mountain  August 1960 — August 2005.

Matterhorn Mountain in the Alps
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The tenth highest mountain in Switzerland. Matterhorn with its Pyramid like peak has not proven immune to the ravages of human attention.


10. Mabira Forest, Uganda. November 2001 — January 2006.

Mabira Forest, Uganda
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There are no half measures when a man sets out on his mission.  The rain forest protected by the government has actually increased in area. One good example of preservation that paid off handsomely.

11. Toboggan Glacier, Alaska. June 1909 — September 2000.

Toboggan Glacier, Alaska.
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A glacier of ice, snow and lonely bare hillocks has become a big lake with green hillocks . The glacier has almost disappeared.


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