10 Most Unbelievable Hybrid Animals.

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Picture 10 Most Unbelievable Hybrid Animals.

“Hybrid is offspring resulting from the mating of two distinctly homozygous
individuals.Hybrid animals are cross-breds between animals of similar genetics.”


A zebroid (also zedonk, zorse, zebra mule, and zebrule) is the offspring of any cross between a zebra with female animal from the equidae family.A zorse is the result of crossbreeding a horse and a zebra. A zonkey is the result of crossbreeding a donkey with a zebra. The Zony is the result of crossbreeding a pony to a zebra. All these three are called zebroids.

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This amazing cross bread between male lion and female tiger result to hybrid a Liger.they are the biggest of all the big cats, growing to almost the lion and tigers combined size.
Below shows a liger and its trainer Dr. Bhagavan Antle at a Renaissance Festival in Massachusetts, USA, October 2005.
copyright, Andy Carvin photo credit

This amazing hybrid is a result of  mating of a female bottlenose dolphin with a male False Killer Whale.These remarkable animals have been known to occur in the wild, but so far there are only two living examples of wholphins in captivity, and they both call the Sea Life Park in Hawaii home.

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A cama is a hybrid between a male dromedary camel and a female llama, produced via artificial insemination.due to the huge difference in sizes of the animals which disallow natural breeding. A Cama usually has the short ears and long tails of a camel but the cloven hooves of a llama. Also most noticeably is the absence of the hump.
Cama’s parents shown behind, a camel and llama
A Leopon is the result of breeding a male leopard and a female lion. The head of the animal is similar to that of a lion while the rest of the bodies carries similarities to leopards. The most successful breeding programme was at the Koshien Hanshin Park in Nishinomiya City, Japan.
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6. Toast of Botswana
It is the hybrid offspring of a sheep and a goat. Although sheep and goats seem similar and can be mated, they belong to different genera in the subfamily Caprinae of the family Bovidae. Sheep belong to the genus Ovis and have 54 chromosomes, while goats belong to the genus Capra and have 60 chromosomes.
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7. Wolf Dog
A wolfdog  is a canid hybrid resulting from the mating of a wolf and a dog.
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8. Cheetoh
The Cheetoh is a breed of domestic cat, derived from crossings between specific Bengal cat and Ocicat bloodlines. Being a new breed, it is rare. Because it is partly derived from the Bengal, a domestic–wild hybrid cat, the Cheetoh is itself a hybrid.(wiki)
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9. Hybrid Pheasant
The Golden Phesant has commonly been crossed with the similar Lady Amherst’s Pheasant. The result is a hybrid with distinguished colors from its parents.
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10. Zorse
A zorse is a cross between a zebra stallion and a horse mare. The zorse takes the color or dominant color gene of the mare and the zebra sire gives it stripes.(source)
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Picture 10 Most Unbelievable Hybrid Animals.
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