21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”

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7 Demonstration about how a metal aircraft sheds lightning in 1950
shed lightning
Image Source: US Air Force/National Geographic Archives

6 Victoria Falls as seen in the twilight on the Zambezi river in Zambia, 1996

Twilight Victoria Falls
Image Source: Chris Johns/National Geographic Archives

5 Ndebele chief Mtonzima Gwebu wearing traditional dress in his modern home in Zimbabwe, 1975

Modern home for traditionally attired chief
Image Source: Thomas Nebbia/National Geographic Archives

4 Huge Gas balloon from Anchorage in Alaska flying over Cook Inlet, 1986

Huge gas balloon
Image Source: Chris Johns/National Geographic Archives

3 Above Earth, NASA Astronaut Bruce McCandless II floating few meters away from Space Shuttle Challenger during the historic first time use of a nitrogen-propelled manned maneuvering unit in 1984.

outer space
Image Source: NASA/National Geographic Archives

2 Four King Cobras entwined, 1970

 4 king cobras
Image Source: James P.Blair/National Geographic Archives

1 Coconut Palms perfectly mirrored in the Mayagüez lagoons in Puerto Rico, 1924.

coconut palms perfectly mirrored
Image Source: Charles Martin/National Geographic Archives

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but each one of these wonderful photos render us speechless with our mouths left agape with awe. Kudos to this 125 year old magazine for capturing such beautiful moments in life in film.
[source: natgeofound.tumblr.com]

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Picture 21 Unpublished Photos by National Geographic Hereby Unseen from their project “Found”
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